Work Environments, Training and Safety

Create safer, more engaging work environments


Physical and Mental Workload

The physical and emotional cost of ergonomic hazards can haunt workers for the rest of their lives. Determining how humans perform under different cognitive conditions can result in safer, more agile, and less error-prone environments. Use iMotions to detect human nonconscious responses for a better understanding of mental workload, physical exertion, and accident prevention.

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Assess work safety, quickly and effectively with eye tracking and EEG.

Occupational & Operator Safety

Occupational & Operator Safety

Biosensors like eye trackers and EEG can also provide insight into where operators get distracted or stressed in human-machine interactions, or test protocols in emergency situations. Detect responses and their causes in vehicles, interfaces or machines to assess and understand where users are looking and what they fail to see, and study how users are perceiving and responding to new devices and solutions.

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Well-being and Stress

Measure Well-being and Stress

iMotions lets you customize data capture to visualize psychophysiological responses and derive indications of stress, blink rate, or frustration when they’re happening. We measure stress and well-being through EEG or brainwaves, skin conductance, and Heart Rate Variability.

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The future of therapy – VR and biosensors

iMotions can help measure and analyze well-being and stress
Measuring human behavior in VR and simulations can help preempt dangerous situations in the real world.

Training and Performance

VR & Simulations

Gathering data on how people act and react in simulations can unlock insights in situations that may be impractical, dangerous, or even impossible to carry out were it not for virtual reality. Measuring human behavior in VR and simulations optimizes not only user experiences but also safety, training and even medical treatments.
Connecting biosensors in iMotions gives you comprehensive real-time data, so you can detect reactions to virtual scenarios. From measuring cognitive workload for improving driver or pilot efficiency, to detecting levels of emotional arousal during VR gaming experiences, iMotions surfaces instant data that gets you to quicker, more actionable conclusions.

Training and Performance simulations

Improving automotive safety and performance with biosensors in driving simulations

Watch how iMotions made it faster and easier for the DEPICT-LAB to conduct studies

iMotions Feature Highlights

Visual Attention

See what people notice and what they don’t with Eye Trackers

Emotion Measurement

Reveal how people feel through Facial Expression Analysis

Detect Excitement

Discover the intensity of emotions from GSR

Motivation & Memory

Discover what people are focused on through EEG

Your Heartbeat

Measure heart rate and cognitive effort in the moment with ECG

Muscle Response

Measure stimulation of muscle movement with EMG


Add people’s verbal associations and how satisfied they are


Send data to and from iMotions allowing for remote control and custom integrations

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