Overview Respiration Plux Inductive Respiration (RIP) Sensor

Plux Inductive Respiration (RIP) Sensor

Inductive sensor with adjustable chest strap. High performance even in dynamic settings.

This high-performance inductive respiration sensor has been specifically designed to have dynamic conditions in mind (e.g. ambulatory sensing). The sensing element is embedded in the chest strap fabric and spans its full length.

The elastic chest-belt can be adjusted in length to be applicable on different anatomies (e.g. male and/or female), body locations (e.g. thorax and/or abdomen), and thorax/abdomen circumferences. Typical applications of this sensor include respiration monitoring to determine respiration cycles, rates, relative amplitudes, and other features.


  • Inductive measurement
  • Adjustable elastic chest strap
  • Displacement measurement
  • Pre-conditioned analog output
  • Raw signal output
  • Ready-to-use & miniaturized form-factor


Type Inductive
Output 0-3V
Consumption ~1mA
Cable Length 100cm±0.5cm (customizable; extra costs may apply)
Connector Type UC-E6 (male; must be connected to a biosignalsplux acquisition unit)
Max sensor belt length 103cm
Min sensor belt length 44cm


Measure breaths to understand physiological and emotional arousal.

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