Smart Eye Pro

Hardware Specifications

A true multi-camera system, Smart Eye Pro is scalable from 2 up to 8 cameras allowing the 360-degree head and eye tracking. Free and wide placement of cameras both horizontally and vertically makes it ideal for a large number of environments, setups, and situations.

The Smart Eye Pro eye tracker is compatible with the iMotions Screen-based Eye Tracking Module.

Screen-based Eye Tracker
SE Pro
Sample rate
60hz or 120hz
0.5° (in ideal conditions)
Optimal distance
30 – 300 cm (adjustable with lenses and positioning of cameras)
Calibration time (camera)
Less than 15 seconds
Calibration time (gaze)
Less than 30 seconds
Simple text log file that can be exported in to excel, Mat lab, etc
Output streams
TCP, UDP, CAN (optional)
Eye tracking principle
Pupil and Iris / Corneal Reflection and Head Model
participant in front of three screens and driving simulator analysing emotional variables

Powerful software

for powerful research

To analyze the eye tracking data you’ve gathered from screen-based eye trackers like the Smart Eye Pro, you’ll need software that can provide the precision and accuracy your study requires. With iMotions Screen-based Eye Tracking, advanced analysis of visual attention is at your fingertips, so you can visualize and export metrics such as:

  • Heatmaps
  • Gaze replays
  • Areas of interest (AOI)
  • Time to first fixation
  • Saccades & oculomotor events