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Advanced Brain Monitoring

B-Alert X10

Bluetooth via dongle
Up to 8 hours on full charge
Wet only: Cream-based limited use sensor strips
1 year

• Proprietary metrics: Engagement (low, high, distraction, drowsiness) and Workload (FBDS, BDS, Average),
• Raw data plus all R notebooks available.
• PSD / frequency bands including Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
• Frontal Alpha Asymmetry

Yes with the use of Cedrus Stimtracker for visual ERPs only. Stimulus presentation limitations apply (reach out to iMotions for more info)
Additional wires included for ECG, EOG, or EMG data collection. Kits available for electrode / gel / sensor strip replacement

Sensor strips are guaranteed for up to 25 participants max with good care, recommended to purchase extra sensor strip kits up-front and replace regularly.
Reach out to iMotions for more information and pricing on Sensor Strip Kits

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