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Measure Visual Attention in Real or 3D Simulated Environments

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Object Recognition, Areas of Interest & Automated Aggregation of Data

Significantly speed up analysis time and productivity by easily creating automated AOIs and aggregate mobile eye tracking data in AOIs and heatmap visualizations.

Aggregated attention

Static and dynamic heatmaps of aggregated attention

By the click of a button create heatmaps to view the distribution of aggregated attention in any mobile eye tracking study

Automated object recognition

Automated object recognition AOIs

Save up to 80% of analysis time by automatically tracking objects with state-of-the-art image recognition technology

AOI shelf

Quantify visual attention in any real or 3D environment

Get aggregated eye tracking metrics such as TTFF, order of attention, ratio, visits & fixations of any area in real life & 3D environments


Automated AOI and Heatmap Generation

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“I have been very impressed by the Automated Area of Interest. We used it with different content and characteristics in our in-store study, and the results were great. Automated Area of Interest has saved around 80% of the time that we otherwise would have spent on doing it manually. I strongly recommend to apply it to the mobile eye tracking studies analysis”
Dalia Bagdziunaite, PhD fellow - Consumer Neuroscience at Copenhagen Business School

Combine with stimuli, facial expression analysis, EEG, GSR & more

Synchronization overview

Live wireless streaming of synchronized eye tracking & biosensors data


Eye Tracking Glasses Available

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

Manufacturer: SMI Model: Wired Module Compatibility: Mobile Eye Tracking Module

Tobii Eye Tracking Glasses

Manufacturer: Tobii Model: Glasses Module Compatibility: Mobile Eye Tracking Module The groundbreaking new technology & design of the Tobii eye tracking glasses make it easy to use mobile eye tracking for shopper [...]

ASL Eye Tracking Glasses

Manufacturer: ASL  Model: Glasses (no longer sold, but supported by iMotions)) Module Compatibility: Mobile Eye Tracking Module The ASL Mobile Eye-XG glasses combine highly accurate point of gaze with audio capability to record what [...]

Tobii Eye Tracking Glasses 2

Manufacturer: Tobii Model: Glasses2 Wireless Module Compatibility: Mobile Eye Tracking Module Tobii Glasses 2 shows exactly what a person is looking at in real time, as he or she moves freely in any [...]

iMotions in action

Mobile setup
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