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Deliver better UX with emotion detection

The best user experiences come from products that seem to really understand their users. Yet UX and UI researchers often lack the tools to capture the full picture of user interactions on mobile, in-app, on websites, and in games.

That’s where behavioral research software comes in.

Capturing users’ real-time emotional and non-conscious responses can help you observe and quantify the true attitudes and behaviors of your users. The result is efficient & iterative testing throughout all development phases, which leads to better usability data and user-centered designs.

Gather real-time UX reactions

Leverage the power of multiple data streams

By integrating eye tracking, facial expression analysis, electrodermal activity, and survey data in real time with the iMotions software, UX professionals can instantly quantify and annotate behavioral reactions to a website, mobile app, product, or game. Whether to diagnose areas to improve in user interfaces, to detect when users miss key information, or to better understand ease of use (or frustration), biosensor data helps you get the full picture.

Combining these biosensor data streams provides a more nuanced and detailed understanding of user experiences and interactions, to surface new qualitative or quantitative insights for true user-centered designs — beyond those just from focus groups, isolated eye tracking heat maps, or retrospective thinkalouds.

Leading brands use iMotions for UX & UI

iMotions for Usability Testing

Integrate. Explore. Understand.

Use iMotions to simultaneously capture visual attention, behavioral annotations,
physiological responses, and emotional reactions.

  • Diagnose users’ “pain points”, and determine how to avoid them
  • Determine the impact of user interfaces on task completion and user preference
  • A/B Testing for pages, buttons, etc
  • Conversions & eCommerce
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People are recognizing the power of tapping into the subconscious and the ability to get millisecond accuracy precision on what you're testing, instead of asking people afterwards.

Aoife McGuinness
Neuroscience Consultant - HeyHuman

Sample Hardware for UX Testing

Seamlessly combine hardware from our vendor partners

UX research environments range from screens and media to websites, apps and gaming – iMotions software accompanies your testing in all of these. For example, in a living-room gaming setup, streamline visual attention data from a high-grade eye tracker with facial expression analysis data from a webcam, emotional arousal from an electrodermal activity wristband, and heart rate with ECG. Here is an example of this hardware setup, combined into iMotions:

Our hardware-agnostic approach enables integration from these partners and more:
Pupil Labs
EyeTech Digital Systems

Iterate with the right metrics

Expand with and beyond eye tracking

Measuring visual attention is a key part of user testing, but eye tracking is just one piece of the puzzle. iMotions is built for scalability with a modular setup, so additional biosensors can be added later according to your research questions. When you combine additional in-depth metrics from facial coding and emotional relevance, all of your data is synchronized so you can analyze findings and adjust your product or experience as a result of iterative testing.

Key metrics for usability testing that can be obtained from these sources include:

  • Heat Maps, Gaze Mapping and Key Frames
  • Click & Mouse Behavior
  • Frowning/Brow Furrow and facial expressions
  • Arousal & Valence
  • Time on Task, Fixations & Revisits
  • Live Markers and Annotations for Behavioral Coding & User-Generated Events
  • Scene Editor to aggregate data across webpages, interactions, etc
  • Integrated Surveys + API

A new way to keep advertisers in the game

BusinessCustomer case

SPARK uses the iMotions Platform to track eye movements and measure brain activity (EEG) to analyze players’ visual attention, emotional engagement and frustration levels elicited by ad display during mobile gameplay.

How do biosensors capture
human attention and emotion?

The iMotions software integrates 8 different modules, including eye tracking, facial expression analysis and electrocardiogram, generating a more complete understanding of human behavior.

Need help with your research?

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The Motions’ Consultancy Services team is here to help you become the best researcher you can be. Our mission is to minimize the research learning curve for our clients, and to help you execute your own high-quality UX research in a cost-effective way as quickly as possible.

Our Services include workshops, training, and ad hoc consulting services for study design, data processing and analysis, and insights generation.

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