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Easy and accessible mobile user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) testing is important. With an estimated 6.5 billion mobile devices being used worldwide, optimizing web and app content for mobile screens has never been more important. In fact, it will only become more ubiquitous from here.

Standing out among the millions of websites that compete for the time and/or money of the global online community has become paramount to running a successful business. In order to get a competitive edge, UIs have to be flawless, UX has to be smooth and intuitive and content has to be optimized and appealing.

To achieve that edge, many companies and consultancies are employing eye tracking to get first-hand consumer insights. From an eye tracking point of view, mobile devices are notoriously difficult to collect data from. It is all but impossible to get reliable data unless you can control for keeping the device in place and at the right angle. Luckily, you can!

In close collaboration with Smart Eye, we have developed a mobile stand for everyone who wants to collect eye tracking data on mobile devices.

Intuitive mobile testing setup

While some producers of mobile testing stands choose to opt for flexibility and user autonomy when it comes to setting up their studies, we have chosen to go in a different direction. We talk to thousands of clients worldwide who share their ideas, visions, and requirements with us, and the overwhelming response we get is to make the setup for mobile phone testing simple and concise.

Mobile Stand

The Smart Eye mobile stand allows for attachment of both available screen-based eye trackers produced by Smart Eye, namely the Aurora and the AI-X. This makes it perfect for new and existing users. Current iMotions clients likely already have the hardware to start working with mobile devices immediately, and new clients will have a larger range of options.

That is why the Smart Eye Mobile Stand has one movable part, which is the mounting plate that can move up or down, while the phone angle stays steady. In other words, you will be able to set up and start collecting valuable data in no time.

It is not only the physical side of the mobile stand that has been designed with ease in mind. The Smart Eye firmware is intuitive to use. To set up a study you simply put in the dimensions of the mobile device and you are good to go. If you have already used a specific device or if you are running a test with several phones of the same make and model, then you can simply choose that device in the firmware’s presets menu and start collecting data.

If you are interested in collecting eye tracking data on mobile devices, our solutions experts are always ready to guide you to find the setup that is right for you and your research goals. Use the link below to get in contact.

How to do mobile UX and UI Testing with iMotions

Doing eye tracking research on mobile devices is, as far as the software goes, the same as conducting it on a normal computer monitor, which is called screen-based eye tracking. When using a mobile stand, in order to correctly register eye movements and visual attention, all that the software and hardware need to know is the diameter of the device you are using (which it also does when using a computer monitor). In other words, there is nothing new or arcanely difficult about starting to collect eye tracking data on mobile devices. Screen-based eye tracking is directly applicable to mobile devices.

This is also the perfect place to tell you that screen-based eye tracking is the only viable way to conduct eye tracking studies on mobile devices. Trying to use eye tracking glasses or a solution that claims to be able to use a device’s front-facing camera for eye tracking, will simply not deliver data of sufficient quality – only screen-based eye tracking with a good mobile stand will do that.

Below we have listed some helpful resources that can get you started, answer what questions you have, or give you a leg-up with your first mobile eye tracking study.

Download the Screen-Based Eye Tracking Module Guide for free here

Download the UX and Usability Research Guide for free here

Download the Experimental Design Guide for free here.

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