VR, EEG & iMotions: Next-Level Neuromarketing Research

What makes point of sale communication effective? For neuromarketers, being able to answer this question effectively means that you must control for unpredictable consumer behavior by designing focused testing environments and stimuli. This is where VR can come in handy.

Unravel Research, one of the fastest growing neuromarketing companies in the Netherlands, uses neuromarketing research to predict and influence consumer behavior in advertising, UX and retail environments. In this webinar, co-founder Tom van Bommel demonstrates how Unravel answered this research question with a POS performance study using VR and EEG with iMotions. He will walk through how Unravel evaluated and improved clients’ POS material while avoiding common pitfalls associated with biosensor-based research, such as movement noise from EEG, linking visual attention to the correct stimuli within the field of view, and pinpointing which data correspond to motivation and engagement. This webinar is for any researcher interested in bringing VR into their neuromarketing toolbox — or who has already done so!

And if that wasn’t enough, he also shares his best insights from consumer neuroscience to increase POS effectiveness. So we top this webinar off with valuable takeaways for you to apply straight away.

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