Bringing Neuroscience to Super Bowl Ad Testing

Visual and emotional impact on audiences is key for marketers and advertisers, but relying solely on creative intuition can lead to massive waste in media spend if the content doesn’t land.

In this webinar with VP og Sales & Marketing at KERN Agency Elliott Dennis and knowledge partner Dr. Christophe Morin, CEO of SalesBrain, hear from these frontrunners in neuromarketing who understand the value of pairing creativity with neuroscience for maximum return on investment on ad creative. They showcase how they bring science to marketing by testing the effectiveness of high-stakes ads through eye tracking and physiological measures of emotional engagement, using iMotions software.

This webinar offers a solid use case for why agencies who collaborate with knowledge partners versed in neuromarketing techniques have the competitive edge by using neuroscience for ad testing. See the software behind what drives these insights!

Dr. Christophe Morin has trained more than 150,000 executives in 40+ countries to help increase sales and efficiency of billions of dollars of marketing spend. Dr. Morin is the Founder and CEO of SalesBrain and Professor of Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. He holds a BA in Marketing, an MBA from Bowling Green State University, and an MA & PhD in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University, where he teaches a graduate course he created: The Psychology of Neuromarketing.

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