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Consensys Base6

Consensys is Shimmer’s first Multi-Sensor Management System with an integrated software solution, for the simple and effective management of all your subjects’ data and sensors.

The Consensys Base6 allows users to easily configure and capture data from multiple sensors simultaneously, to simplify the setup of trials and storage of recorded data. Key features include:

Shimmer3 firmware updating.
Shimmer configuration.
Multi-Shimmer synchronisation.
Logged data management.
Consensys is designed for sensing applications conducted across many areas from clinical and Lab trials to large-scale data capture projects. Exploiting its intuitive interface, Consensys can be operated and managed by both technical and non-technical users.

The Consensys Base6 is compatible with the Shimmer3 range of Kinematic and Biophysical sensors including ECG, EMG, Galvanic Skin Response, Optical Pulse, and Heart Rate.
To purchase the Consensys Base6 individually you must be an existing Shimmer3 user.


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