B-Alert X10 headset on participant in front of a computer screen

Advanced Brain Monitoring (ABM)

iMotions partners with Advanced Brain Monitoring (ABM) to integrate with their suite of wireless B-Alert X-Series EEG headsets

iMotions + ABM Partnership

The iMotions-ABM integration combines Advanced Brain Monitoring’s B-Alert X-Series wireless EEG headsets with iMotions’ multimodal human behavior research platform, enabling users to conduct more advanced research.

  • One computer, one software, multiple modalities
  • Perform integrated studies and obtain data from multiple sensors
  • Real-time synchronization and visualization
  • Sensors from 25+ partners integrated, including the ABM B-Alert X10 and X24 EEG headsets
ABM B Alert X24 EEG

A powerful software for powerful research

The iMotions software is simple to set up, integrates flexibly with hardware, and enables robust data analysis for faster research and improved validation of human responses.

Combine psychophysiological signals in one place

Flexible biosensor integration is at the core of our platform, which synchronizes data from 50+ sensors with video, static, real-world, simulated, VR, or survey stimuli.

Visualize & replay data in real time

Stimuli & signal live views, replays, and adaptable user interface make data visualization and export simple.

Powerful analysis tools in R

Free up time for data analysis with our modality-specific R notebooks, featuring visible code for transparent signal processing.

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closeup of the back of a head wearing a B-Alert X10 EEG headset