Get access to cognitive and emotional responses of consumers in detail to gain better insights into the drivers of consumer attention, preference and adoption. 

iMotions Neuromarketing Startup Package

Simultaneously measure Emotions, Valence, Attention & Arousal in any type of media

(Optionally integrate EEG and/or Surveys)


By combining different biometric sensors iMotions reveals exactly what a person is looking at (Attention), whether he is feeling a positive or negative sentiment (Valence), the intensity of that sentiment (Arousal) & the emotions he is expressing at that specific point in time


Facial Expression Recognition

Measure valence and emotional reactions by analyzing facial expressions

  • Valence: Positive / Negative / Neutral emotional states
  • Recognizes universal basic emotions


GSR (Galvanic Skin Response)

Measures arousal by analyzing skin conductance

  • Reveals the intensity of emotional responses
  • Measures optical heart rate


Eye Tracking

Measures attention by analyzing eye movements

  • Measures & quantifies visual attention
  • Reveals how, when & what people see, gaze position, pupil dilation & distance

Some users of iMotions in Neuromarketing research

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Demo video explaining the benefits of the combination of sensors

Lab setup featuring the combination of sensors

“iMotions’ ability to combine the most used technologies in Neuromarketing research in one unified easy-to-use software platform is unprecedented. Data coming from different sensors that are synchronized with a wide diversity of stimuli type is providing researchers plenty of useful information.  We highly recommend iMotions research platform as number one choice at the moment,  for understanding and predicting consumer behavior using Neuromarketing techniques.”
Dr. Antonio Casals, , Neurostrategy CEO, SalesBrain Partner, NMSBA – Spain Local Chair

Applications for Neuromarketing Research

Gaze Replay

Print Ad testing

Test consumers’ emotional and cognitive responses to print advertising. Define copy & communication improvements and pinpoint the best campaign options to launch to market.

TV Ad / Movie Trailer testing

Testing consumers’ emotional and cognitive responses to TV ad advertising. Find peaks & troughs to enhance the overall emotional engagement of the trailer / TV Ad.

Packaging & Product testing

Quantify attention, messaging & branding by assessing emotional & cognitive responses of consumers. Find the best packaging option to stand out against competition in the market.

In-Store / Shopper Testing

Test consumers’ responses in real or virtual store environments to evaluate shelves, packaging systems, merchandising, and the over all shopping experience.

 iMotions flexible lab setups offers solutions for a variety of scenarios

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Standard lab setup to evaluate screen based stimuli


Mobile lab setup to evaluate real life or simulated environments