Cedrus StimTracker

Hardware Specifications

The StimTracker from Cedrus allows researchers to eliminate timing delays caused by computer operating systems or monitor graphics cards in data analysis. It uses light sensors to precisely detect stimuli changes and writes this information as time stamps (event markers) in EEG and eye tracking data. The common timestamps can then be used for easy multichannel synchronization and analysis.

The StimTracker is compatible with the iMotions EEG and Screen-based Eye Tracking Modules.

StimTracker Specs
Response time (dark to light)
0.05 ms
Release time (light to dark)
4 ms
Spectral sensitivity
360-970 nm (visible light)
Light sensor dimensions
8mm x 20mm
abstract open eye frontal view icon white lines on yellow background

The iMotions Screen-based Eye Tracking Module

Main features

With the iMotions Screen-based Eye Tracking Module, you can collect and analyze data in controlled lab environments using world leading, research grade trackers from hardware providers such as Pupil Labs, EyeTech, SmartEye, SMI, and Gazepoint. The Module allows for advanced analysis using tools such as heatmaps, gaze replays, and areas of interest (AOI) output metrics like time to first fixation & time spent. iMotions also provides automated gaze-mapping technology, in which gaze from dynamic environments is converted to static scenes for simpler aggregation and analysis.