Hardware Specifications

BIOPAC MP150 (no longer sold)

The MP150 system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition system for life science research and is in use in top laboratories around the world. The MP150 offers multiple configurations to suit individual research and teaching needs and records multiple channels with different sampling rates at the same time. (Integrates with iMotions but no longer sold – see the newer version, the MP160).

The MP150 device is the core hardware device which is complemented with add-on devices for EDA/GSR (Electrodermal Activity/Galvanic Skin Response), ECG (Electrocardiogram), EMG (Electromyography) and Respiration data streams.

Analog inputs
16 channels
Analog outputs
2 channels
Min sample rate (time base)
2 samples/hour
Max sample rate
200 K samples/sec (400 K aggregate)
Transmission type
10 cm x 11 cm x 19 cm
1.0 kg
USB interface
Not supported

The iMotions Platform

Main features

BIOPAC integrates perfectly into the software iMotions platform, which allows for adding eye tracking, facial expression analysis, surveys, stimuli and more in one single software.