Argus Science ETVision Eye Tracking Glasses

Hardware Specifications

The ETVision system is the latest development from Argus Science, providing high update rate and binocular measurement, with the ultimate in ease of use and complete mobility indoors or out.

Capturing binocular eye measurement at 180Hz, the ETVision may be worn by participants with corrected or uncorrected vision. The intuitive interface allows for (user-controlled) single point or multiple point calibration. Data is sent to a laptop PC via WiFi or LAN, or may be captured locally on a microSD card. Battery power allows recording time of well over 5 hours.

The Argus Science ETVision Eye Tracking Glasses are compatible with the iMotions Eye Tracking Module.

Eye Tracking Glasses
Sample Rate
180 Hz
Eye Tracking
Binocular (both eyes)
Data capture
WiFi, LAN, or microSD
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The iMotions Eye Tracking Glasses Module

Main features

With the iMotions Eye Tracking Glasses Module, you can analyze real-world eye tracking data collected using world-leading, research-grade glasses from Tobii, Viewpointsystem, Pupil Labs, Argus Science, and SMI. The Module allows for advanced analysis using tools such as heatmaps, gaze replays, and areas of interest (AOI) output metrics like time to first fixation & time spent. iMotions also provides automated gaze-mapping technology, in which gaze from dynamic environments is converted to static scenes for simpler aggregation and analysis.