Hands on Training for Human Behavior Research

Academy Training for Both Novice and Advanced Researchers

iMotions provides practical and hands-on training in the use of biosensors, study design, data collection, and analysis. This includes training with the iMotions software suite, and certification from iMotions. We have academies for people starting out in Human Behavior Research as well as advanced users.

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Academy Shield

Private Workshops Designed Around Your Needs

We offer private workshops on the exact subjects of your needs in your department or for the full research team on request. We are able to provide you with hands-on training in the iMotions software, designing biometric studies, interpreting data, and drawing actionable conclusions. You’ll leave with comprehensive training materials and examples based on your own workshop case study.

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Learning Resources

We have a lot of material to help and inspire you in your work with human behavior research.


New research and trends to inspire your work.

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How-to articles and research principles.

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Some of the most interesting people talking about their research and work with iMotions.

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