Electroencephalography (EEG) 

Detect cognitive and motivational processes

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Benefits of iMotions’ EEG Solutions

Combine sensors

Combine EEG with other biosensors and technologies


iMotions EEG software allows researchers to easily combine and synchronize EEG data with Eye Tracking, GSR, EMG, ECG, Facial Expressions, Respiration & Surveys to compliment, enhance and diversify their investigations.

EEG Plug & play solution

Plug & Play EEG Solution

Simplify setup time via iMotions out-of-the-box integrations with EEG headsets from ABM, Neuroelectrics, and Emotiv. iMotions natively integrates with: B-Alert X10 EEG, B-Alert X24 EEG, Neuroelectrics Enobio 8,20, and 32 channels as well as Emotiv EPOC and Emotiv EPOC+ EEGs

Lab and mobile setups

Lab & Mobile Solution

iMotions wireless EEG integrations allows for flexible study design, from standard EEG setups to more mobile scenarios.

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“We can now conduct a lot more research in a shorter period of time and only the sky’s the limit for our innovativeness. We needed a solution that collects as much valid data as possible and is as cost and time efficient as possible. We definitely found this in iMotions.”
Prof. Marco Palma, Ass. Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University

Plug & play EEG headsets integrated

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Main Features of iMotions EEG

Presentation of stimuli

Presentation of Stimuli

Present images, videos, websites, screen recordings, real world products, scene recordings

Sophisticated study design

Sophisticated Study Designs

Full flexibility with any study setup with randomizations, block designs, test plans, group rotations and more.

Quality assurance

Real-Time Synchronization

EEG data, stimuli and API data streams are real time synchronized in iMotions. No more manual synchronization of data sets.

Export all raw data

Export Raw Data

Export all collected EEG data in sync with stimuli and other sensors in .txt format for easily import into MatLab and other programs.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Built in decontamination procedures to reduce artifacts and ensure data quality. Apply only to ABM B-Alert EEG systems.

Live or post markers

Live or Post Markers

Mark important happenings during data collection or in replay mode to facilitate the analysis.

Streamline EEG data collection with stimuli presentation

ABM B-Alert EEG Exampe

GSR respondent russian tower climb

Image shows visualizations of stimuli (video) and AMB B-Alert EEG metrics in time line. Click image to enlarge.

ABM rawdata

Example of ABM B-Alert EEG raw data export. Click on image to enlarge.

Emotiv EPOC+ Example

Emotiv visualization

Image shows visualizations of stimuli (video) and Emotiv EPOC EEG metrics in time line.

Emotiv rawdata

Example of Emotiv EPOC EEG raw data export. Click on image to enlarge.

Combine with stimuli, eye tracking, facial expressions, GSR, surveys & more

Sync graph
Mobile eye tracking setup
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