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Our world and our decision-making processes are getting ever more complex. Brand leaders need more information on the underlying cognitive processes and emotions that influence consumer behavior. With iMotions you can take a clear step towards objectively understanding what really drives the shopping experience and purchase decisions.

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Behavioral data is the new normal

Accelerate research with emotion recognition technology

The iMotions Research Software is an incredibly useful tool to code and describe consumer behavior and emotional reactions in an accurate and quantitative way. We provide multisensor integration into one single platform, so you can easily synchronize multiple data streams from Eye Tracking, EEG, Electrodermal Activity and Facial Expression Analysis with stimuli presentation in almost any form, from images, videos, and websites, to real-world settings, VR environments, simulations, and beyond. Then, analyze all your behavioral data in one place with our advanced analysis tools like automated gaze mapping, peak detection, fixation detection, and frontal asymmetry.

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  • Product development
  • Package design and placement
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  • Sensory testing
  • Neuromarketing
  • Predictive buyer behavior
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Brand affinity
  • Consumer insights
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We get a lot of data from audiences, but it's all through surveys or focus groups. We wanted something that can supplement this, because we have such an emotional product and we want to see how that affects people. Luckily we found out about iMotions.

Dan Schönemann
Nordic Consumer Insight Manager - Nordisk Film

Faster, better insights

Consumer behavior research with biosensors saves you time and money by recording consumer reactions instantly, so your product questions are backed by substantial neuromarketing data.

Product Development

Which potential product designs, components or prototypes should be carried through to the next phase of development?

User & Audience Testing

Which interface features in websites, gaming, or media draw or detract from emotional engagement or attention?

Iterative Testing

How do I facilitate consistent research throughout the entire product cycle? How do I apply a streamlined testing process to my whole product line?

Sensory Testing

How do consumers react to fragrances or flavors?

Competitor Research

How do consumers relate emotionally to my products versus the competition?

Enabling Emotion-Driven Audience Insights for Movie Trailers

BusinessCustomer case

Dan Schönemann and Morten Thomsen sought out the iMotions Enablement Services team when they wanted to gather better audience data on movie trailers for a collaborative project involving Nordisk Film, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, The Danish Film Institute, and Biografklub Danmark. By using Galvanic Skin Response to test trailers, iMotions helped them push beyond relying on how audiences think they react to trailers, to discovering how they actually respond emotionally.

How do biosensors capture human attention and emotion?

Present your creative, synchronize biosensors, manage respondent data, and analyze nonconscious human responses – all in the iMotions Platform. Click on an icon to learn more about each biosensor module. 

Explore Integrated Hardware

Seamlessly combine hardware from our partner vendors

iMotions software accompanies your research from package, ad and sensory testing all the way to in-store shopper studies. For example, streamline eye tracking data while shoppers interact with a real product with their measurements of frontal asymmetry from EEG, which relates to approach or avoidance, and muscle movements from EMG. All the data is synchronized into iMotions.

Our hardware-agnostic approach enables integration from these partners and more:
Pupil Labs

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