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iMotions integrates with the Varjo VR-1, the world’s only human-eye resolution VR headset

The Varjo VR-1

iMotions is partnering with Varjo to bring you full integration of the VR-1 into the iMotions Platform, so you can conduct multisensor research in VR environments.

VR-1 is the world’s only human-eye resolution VR headset. Designed for use in complex and demanding industries, it comes with advanced integrated eye tracking technology and is compatible with the most popular 3D software tools. VR-1 can also be used by people with glasses. Add more biosensors to the mix like electrodermal activity (aka, galvanic skin response) and electromyography to uncover further psychophysiological reactions to your VR simulations.

Varjo Hero VR Headset on transparent background

Human-eye resolution VR

Watch it in action

The VR-1 provides unparalleled immersive environment possibilities and includes high-resolution eye tracking:

  • Eye tracking of less than one degree of visual angle ensures definitive data accuracy
  • Incredible visual fidelity, operating at the level that the human eye can see
  • Easily integrated with other biosensors and additional data through the iMotions API, helping to generate a new understanding of human behavior in virtual environments

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