Neuroelectrics Enobio 8 with Prefrontal Headband

Hardware Specifications

The Neuroelectrics® Headband is a simple alternative to the headcap that can be used for experiments during which sensors are placed on the frontal part of the head. It displays with 7 predefined positions of the international 10-10 EEG system. Extra positions can be made available by using the neoprene punch tool. The headband comes with a unique model that can be adjusted to different head sizes.

The Neuroelectrics Enobio 8 with Headband is compatible with the iMotions EEG Module.

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EEG Headset
Unique size
Cranial perimeter (cm)
Number of holes
Frontal-polar: Fp1, Fpz, Fp2; Frontal: F7, F8; Anterior-frontal: AF7, AF8
Participant wearing EEG and smiling

The iMotions EEG Module

Main features

The iMotions EEG Module enables researchers to seamlessly conduct studies and validate results faster. The flexible software connects, records, and live visualizes EEG data and metrics from a range of different EEG headsets, and is a complete experimental suite for EEG, from calibration, to stimuli presentation, to results. Get frequency data, automatic calculations of frontal asymmetry, PSD, and other metrics in addition to full overviews of channels, signal strength, and QA tools.