Pupil Labs Core

Hardware Specifications

Pupil Labs Core provides an accessible solution for recording eye movements in natural environments, using a lightweight device.

Pupil Labs Core is compatible with the iMotions Eye Tracking Glasses Module.

Eye Tracking Glasses
Pupil Labs Core
Sample rate
200 Hz
Eye tracking technique
Dark pupil with 3D model
Calibration procedure
9-point and 5-point
Slippage compensation
Yes, 3D eye tracking model
Pupil measurement
Relative size in eye camera pixels + absolute size in mm through 3d eye model

Powerful software

for powerful research

To analyze the eye tracking data you’ve gathered from eye tracking glasses like the Pupil Labs Core, you’ll need software that can provide the precision and accuracy your study requires. With the iMotions Eye Tracking Glasses Module, you can analyze your real-world eye tracking data with metrics such as:

  • Heatmaps
  • Gaze replays
  • Areas of interest (AOI)
  • Time to first fixation
  • Automated gaze-mapping: converts gaze from dynamic environments into static scenes for simpler aggregation and analysis