Mobile Eye Tracking for Medical Training

Traditionally, training medical staff and students relies on bedside observation and guidance, but social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic can cause hindrances in this effort. To combat this, a new study collected and streamed eye tracking data during neonatal procedures to remotely conduct reflections with the neonatal team.

In this webinar with lead doctor Michael Wagner, MD PhD, learn how the trainees watched the first-person point of view video stream from the Viewpointsystem VPS 19 eye tracking glasses to adopt strategies from the neonatologist’s gaze patterns and understand clinical reasoning during task performance.

The webinar will demonstrate how to conduct analyses based on mobile eye tracking data using iMotions, a software platform for collecting and streamlining physiological signal data. iMotions’ Paolo Masulli, PhD takes this example to discuss how to combine eye tracking glasses like the VPS 19 with other wearable sensor data, such as heart rate, to assess visual attention, cognitive load and stress.

Whether in healthcare, applied science, human factors, or another field, this is your chance to discover how mobile, multimodal sensor studies can improve your hands-on training and performance processes.

Read more about the study from the press release here.

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