iMotions @ ETRA 2021: Visual attention, emotional arousal, valence and cognitive processing

In this sponsor webinar recorded at ETRA 2021, iMotions presents their software solution for multimodal data collection, visual attention tracking and signal processing for academic and commercial research on human behavior. Explore how to bring your research towards multi-modal in a single platform by synchronizing eye tracking data with physiological and emotional data from biosensor signals like facial expression analysis, electrocardiogram, electrodermal activity, and electroencephalography. The webinar features an in-depth, live demo of iMotions for streamlined data collection, stimulus presentation, and signal processing & analysis in transparent R notebooks, which highlight research applications such as cognitive science, screen-based attentional and reading tasks, and mobile glasses studies.


0:00 Introduction
4:24 What is iMotions
10:30 Transparent signal processing with R notebooks
12:42 Data processing in iMotions
14:16 Built-in algorithms in iMotions
18:41 Experiment setup in iMotions
21:00 How to setup a study
29:40 Eye tracking glasses supported by iMotions
30:27 Cognitive mobile study example
33:11 Cognitive multimodal study example
37:55 Dynamic AOIs (areas of interest)
50:12 Q&A

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