screen-based eye tracking

Brochure: Screen-Based Eye Tracking Solutions

Explore visual attention and eye tracking processes in screen-based environments with iMotions.

Screen-based eye tracking helps you gain a deeper understanding of participant responses to websites, mobile apps, games, media, or any other screen-based stimuli. The iMotions Screen-Based Eye Tracking Module is a single platform for integration and research with eye tracking and other biosensors and includes advanced analytic tools for understanding visual attention like gaze mapping, areas of interest, heat maps, and more.

Solutions for Screen-Based Eye Tracking with iMotions

Read how iMotions allows researchers to:

  • Assess attentional processes for any screen-based stimuli like websites, apps, or media
  • Perform advanced analytics with Areas of Interest, heat maps, gaze mapping, and more
  • Integrate with other biosensors measuring physiological responses such as facial coding, emotional arousal, and heart rate
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