Screen-based Eye Tracking Software and Hardware Solutions

Quantify Visual Attention on Screen-based Stimuli

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Main Output Visualizations & Metrics



Show the distribution of attention with a colour coded map superimposed on the stimulus with a high towards low / red towards green intensity indicator

Area of interest

Areas Of Interest (AOI)

User-defined selections of one or many areas – revealing their attention results. Export individual results to Excel format to integrate them into benchmark databases.

Eye Tracking Metrics

Eye Tracking Metrics

Automatic and customizable metrics appear in all attention areas, wether they are Heatmaps of AOIs: TTFF, Time Spend, Fixations, Ratio, Revisitors, Revisits & Mouse clicks.

Gaze Replay

Gaze Replay

Shows the gaze path and fixations for an individual respondent for the entire duration of the exposure time. Gaze Plot is also available which is the final view of the respondent’s path and fixations.

Bee swarm & heatmaps

Dynamic bee swarms & heatmaps

Aggregate visualizations of the gaze of each respondent with customizable color coded outlines depending on the amount of attention each areas is getting. Ex.: Yellow when attention is between 50% & 70%.

Automatic object recognition

Automatic Object Recognition AOI/Heatmaps

Track moving objects in videos, websites, apps and virtual environments and quantify the attention they are getting with automatic generation of areas of interest and aggregation of eye tracking data.

Pupil Size Metric

Pupil Size Metric

Indicates the size of the respondent’s pupil for the length of the media. In this case we see a dramatic change in pupil size of the whole segment (26 males / 26 females) due to the sudden appearance of the scary face.

Distance metric

Distance Metric

Indicates the distance from the eye of the respondent to the stimuli. This metric could be a behavioral indication of valence or engagement as respondents tend to move away from dangerous or scary scenarios and get closer in engaging situations.

Raw data export

Raw Eye Tracking Data Exports

Data sets of raw data are available by the click of a button on a great variety of export types. The raw data exports can be imported to any statistical third party software such as Matlab, R, SPSS, etc… to get deeper in the analysis or to apply proprietary algorithms.

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Raffaele Zanoli
“We realized that for the kind of brand and usability studies we aimed to conduct we wanted to match remote and mobile eye tracking with emotional measurements. iMotions was the only software platform available on the market offering exactly what we needed – automated integration of emotional face recognition and eye tracking. For us, it clearly was the only solution”
Raffaele Zanoli, Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food & Environmental Sciences, Universitá Politechnica Delle Marche

Advanced Metrics

These metrics are only accessed through the Tobii X2-60, T60 and X60 eye trackers

Solutions for mobile devices / interfaces

Evaluate real life objects  & mobile interfaces with biometric sensors

Eye Tracking Mobile Phone
Mobile device setup
Read more about our scene camera integration

Combine with stimuli, eye tracking & facial expression & more

Synchronization overview
Duane Varan
“At MediaScience, we have over 120 eye tracking stations from across seven different suppliers. Top that off with both of the leading facial coding engines, with different biometric sensors and with a range of proprietary hardware systems, developed from our own engineers, and you have a universe of data sources all requiring integration. iMotions has played a critical role in bringing all of our data together in a single unified system.”
Duane Varan, Founder & CEO at MediaScience

Screen-based eye trackers available

iMotions Biometric Research Platform is hardware agnostic and supports screen-based (desktop) eye trackers from the main eye tracker manufacturers in the World. It supports eye tracker form 30 Hz to 500 Hz to fit your specific research needs. It supports: Tobii, SMI, EyeTech, Mirametrix, Gaze Point, TheEyeTribe and SR Research.

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