Maximizing Eye Tracking Research for Product Development and Testing

As leaders in batteries, Duracell has set new industry standards by innovating how they develop and test their products. In this webinar with R&D Senior Project Scientist Nancy Dempsey, learn how Duracell incorporates implicit psychological responses into their consumer experience testing using iMotions — especially eye tracking — to research and develop the best battery products.

Visual attention and pupil size metrics form a cornerstone of the company’s R&D efforts when they are testing layouts, shelf placements, and even light intensity of devices using their batteries. Hear from Nancy about how Duracell carried out testing that led to major insights related to product performance and positioning. After hearing Nancy’s story, you’ll walk away with new ideas for approaching product research efforts by taking advantage of eye tracking and implicit measures.

And be sure to read a more in-depth case story of how Duracell has created a paradigm shift for the entire battery industry!

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