Unpack Human Behavior

iMotions helps you quantify engagement and emotional responses

Emotions constitute powerful, pervasive, and predictable drivers of decision making. Capture physiological reactions in real time to accurately research how we as humans think, feel, act and respond.
Beyond what we say we do.

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The iMotions Platform

Gain a holistic view of human behavior

iMotions is high tech software made to execute human behavior research with high validity. iMotions seamlessly integrates multiple biosensors that provide different insight; such as Eye Tracking, EDA/GSR, EEG, ECG and Facial Expression Analysis. The combination of different sensors and data sources allows you to make a clearer and more incisive understanding of human behavior. Through real-time measurements of nonconcious responses, iMotions provides the bigger picture on human actions, thoughts and feelings for you to tap into new innovation – getting you the results faster. 

  • Hardware agnostic software with +50 biosensor devices
  • Seamless integration of even your own research data
  • Full scalability when you need it
  • Accelerated output for validated and fast results

Objective Data for Understanding Emotional Expressions

AcademiaCustomer case

iMotions helps Oxford University address entirely new areas of research into emotions. By utilizing an objective and automated system for measurements of facial expressions, Dr. Danielle Shore is able to rapidly explore emotional reactions in game theory contexts.

Neuroscience for Effective Digital Strategies

BusinessCustomer case

iMotions helps HeyHuman think differently about brands and marketing. By measuring people’s behavior during advertising testing, UX studies, concept development and more, Neuroscience Consultant Aoife McGuinness is able to deliver more nuanced insights and create more engaging content.

Innovative neuroeconomics research at Texas A&M

AcademiaCustomer case

Professor Marco Palma and the Human Behavior Lab at Texas A&M University is pioneering research in neuroeconomics with iMotions, scaling experiments and executing research faster than ever.

Industry Standard for Consumer Research

BusinessCustomer case

Crispin Haywood and the Shopper Science Lab at GSK wanted to measure consumer behavior in realistic physical shopping environments. Now they can – with eye tracking and other biosensors in iMotions – in order to surface insights of what works and what doesn’t in retail.

The iMotions platform works with any kind of biosensor

iMotions works with these partners and more
Advanced Brain Monitoring

Who can benefit from iMotions

We cover a wide field of application areas

Brand / Neuromarketing
  • Consumer preference
  • Product testing
  • Advertisement
Psychology / Education
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychophysiological response
  • Intelligent learning
Medical / Health
  • Doctor-patient interaction
  • Psychiatric research
  • Neurological problems
VR / Gaming
  • Virtual store layout
  • Game design
  • VR environments
Human computer interaction
  • Interfaces
  • UX, websites, apps
  • Simulators, training
Engineering / Product design
  • Product design
  • Machine interface
  • Operation

We support you all the way

How to get started

When you become an iMotions customer, you will be provided with a dedicated consultant who will be your main point of contact for continuous support and consultation on your behavioral research. You will also receive full access to our Help Center and Support team for any day-to-day requirements.

Our team of Ph.D. experts and consultants will make sure your onboarding is successful and you’ll benefit from being able to speak to someone who knows your research, the challenges you face, and your long term objectives.

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Find the setup that works for you

The iMotions team of experts is here to consult with you on:

Help finding the right hardware
Performing best-in-class studies
How to get started with the software
Troubleshooting and support

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