Biometric Research

How Does it Work?

Measuring Human Physiology and Emotion

Humans are measurable. The body creates a range of signals that vary in response to the world around us. By measuring and combining these signals, we can build a detailed picture of conscious and nonconscious reactions that reveal our true reactions. From this, we can generate a deep understanding of human behavior – and continue to test it further.

iMotions is a software that integrates and synchronizes physiological signals from multiple biosensors – each providing different insights into human physiology and emotion. These include Eye Tracking, EDA/GSR, EEG, ECG, and Facial Expression Analysis. iMotions funnels all the essential hardware technologies and their respective data into one consistent path for them to work seamlessly together.

iMotions lab setup

What Does the Setup Look Like?

Research can be carried out in lab settings on an ordinary laptop, on a mobile phone with longitudinal tracking, in the wild with eye tracking glasses, or fully remote through browser-based experiments.

For lab-based experiments, a researcher will setup an experiment to be displayed on a computer screen, or with a VR headset, then equip participants with biosensors. iMotions can then run the research process – showing stimuli and recording from biosensors as designed. Participants can also be equipped with biosensors and eye tracking glasses and analyzed directly in iMotions software.

iMotions Online and Mobile

iMotions Online allows for fully-remote experiments via a browser-based platform. Researchers design the study and send out links to participants, either manually, or through a participant recruitment platform. Experiments can then be completed through the browser with facial expression analysis and webcam-based eye tracking.

Collect data online or in natural environments via mobile

What Can it be Used For?

Human behavior research is everywhere. iMotions is employed for research into human factors, healthcare, consumer neuroscience, sensory testing, as well psychology, communications, education, and more. Wherever there are humans involved, iMotions can provide insight into how they behave.

The tools of human behavior research provide information about visual attention, physiological arousal, emotional expressions, engagement, and more. Measuring these responses can create an informative understanding of how people really behave and think in essentially any setting.