iMotions Survey

Triangulate biometric data with self-reports

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Deeper survey insights

iMotions’ Survey Module provides flexible tools to design a questionnaire with images, likert scales, multiple choice or text input answers to triangulate stated answers with biometric unconscious responses.

Mitigate risks of response bias by fusing self-reports with metrics derived from physiological sensors.

Easy survey design and integration


Insert a Survey Slide

A survey can be integrated into your biometric study just as any other stimuli. A survey consists of one or more slides with any number of questions, images & other elements.


Survey Designer

Flexible set of tools to design a survey from scratch or edit existing surveys. The survey can be stored as a template and retrieved later when necessary.


Drag & Drop Customization

The user friendly and intuitive functionality allows you to customize different type of questionnaires with images, likert scales, multiple choice and text input answers.

Survey presentation

Looking for even more advanced survey integrations?

Sophisticated survey methodologies with advanced biometrics

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See our Qualtrics Survey integration
Phillip Hart
“There is a lot of correlation between biometrics and the survey responses that give us an insight whether the surveys are actually valid and these responses are legitimate”
Philip Hart, Assistant Professor at Westfield State University

Combine with stimuli, eye tracking, facial expressions & more

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Sample of an instruction slide with biometric data: Eye Tracking, EEG and Facial Expression Analysis

Standard iMotions setup

Standard lab setup to evaluate screen based stimuli

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