Psychology Solutions

iMotions enables researchers to assess behavioral, cognitive & emotional responses in one single platform during psychological tests & situations.

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1.State-of-the-art plug & play human behavior software solution

2. Intuitive work flows for study, stimuli and respondents setup

3. Easy data collection & sync of methods that ensure triangulation

4. Integrated analyses, versatile visualizations & raw data exports

5. Combine and sync multiple methods, including eye-tracking, facial coding, EEG, GSR, EMG, ECG and self-reports

Image shows video stimuli with eye tracking dynamic heatmap synchronized with facial coding channels, EEG channels and eye tracking metrics (Pupil Size & Distance)

Roger Azevedo
“If I compare to other software that we have been using before, then we always designed a study that would fit to the software. Now we just design our study and we know that iMotions can handle it. I can do things so much faster with iMotions and they even understand the budget of an assistant professor.”
Prof. Roger Azevedo, Professor in the Department of Psychology, North Carolina State University



  • Biological psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Stress, anxiety, sensation, sleep & biorhythms motor control
  • Family/couple therapy, forensic, individual, assessment, sports
  • Attention, memory, perception, metacognition, social, education
  • Social, cognitive, personal development & aging
  • Cognition, behavior social, developmental aspects, training

Solutions for Psychology Research

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Social Interaction

Our understanding of social interactions are demanding an ever-increasing improvement of the methods we use to study social thinking and behaviors. iMotions is your optimal platform for assessing social interaction in both controlled and free roaming settings, allowing a full triangulation of methods.

  • Live monitoring of visual attention, emotional responses and cognitive processes in one unified software platform.
  • Use eye tracking to assess visual attention during social interaction
  • Use facial coding, GSR and EEG to assess how people respond when they are in social contexts
  • Use surveys to assess self-reported experiences and meta-cognition


Attention & Consciousness

What drives attention and to what extent does information become conscious? In the quest to understand the roots of attention and consciousness, researchers are increasingly using multiple tools, ranging from specific behavioral measures to fully-blown physiological and neuroimaging methods. With iMotions, researchers gain the cutting edge solution for the full integration of methods into one easy to use yet versatile platform.

  • Employ eye-tracking to quantify visual attention
  • Use our precise stimulus presentation and data synchronization to study the content and threshold of consciousness
  • Include other modalities such as EEG and GSR to understand subliminal processing

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Emotions & Feelings

What are the immediate emotional responses and how are they related to subsequent conscious desire and preference? Researchers into emotions and feelings need to triangulate methods of self-reports and biometrics. Here, iMotions is the world’s leading provider of fully integrated methods that allows a full understanding of the causal mechanisms of emotions and feelings.

  • Use facial coding & GSR to explore the effects of aversive emotional responses on behavior
  • Use pupillometry and EEG to study the relationship between emotions, moods and behaviors
  • Test the effects of stress and excitement, as measured through biometric data, on cognitive processes and choice
  • Triangulate your current scientific methodologies with bio sensors, facial expressions, surveys and eye tracking

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Personality & Individual Differences

What drives personality differences and how do such differences manifest? In studying individual differences, researchers need a comprehensive toolbox in their studies, ranging from self-reported moods and preferences to biometric and neuroimaging measures. iMotions is the leading platform for integrating divergent measures which allows a full integration of sources and unparalleled insights.

  • Use surveys to run personality assessment questionnaires through our survey module
  • Use EEG and pupillometry to test how individual differences can be traced as differences in cognitive and emotional responses and choice
  • Robust and stable solution that allows longitudinal studies of personality and ontogenetic processes
  • Seamlessly integrate and synchronize psycho-physiological sensors, facial expressions and eye tracking in one unified software platform
  • Full plug and play triangulation solution for diagnosis of mental disorders combining bio sensors, surveys, facial expressions and eye tracking

How iMotions Biometric Research Platform adds value to academics


Better synchronization & intuitive software solution allows faster turnaround in study initiation, acquisition, export and thus, paper publication


“Time is money”, and also by empowering student involvement, time of IT / research experts is less needed, thus reducing the overall cost of studies



Allowing collection from more sources, using same sync method, & allowing combination of multiple studies ensures scalability, validity & reliability



Provides a platform for future integration of new tools as they become available, and supporting backwards compatibility with previous studies

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