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The iMotions Platform

The world’s leading human behavior software solution

Combine biosensors and uncover underlying emotions and responses

Our intelligent platform provides an advanced and flexible human behavior research tool for collecting biosignals that efficiently unpacks human emotions and physiological responses. Click on an icon to learn more about the biosensor module.

A powerful software for powerful research

Our platform offers simple setup, flexible integrations and easy study management for faster research and improved validation of human responses.

Participant shopping with EEG, GSR and eye tracking glasses

Synchronize biosensors

Supports 50+ of the most commonly used biosensors

  • Full integration and synchronization support for 50+ biosensors in human behavior research such as Eye Tracking, Facial Expression Analysis, Electrodermal Activity / Galvanic Skin Response, EEG, EMG, and ECG hardware.
  • API and Lab Streaming Layer for additional sensor integration.
  • Built-in survey tool to lessen bias and triangulate respondents’ stated answers with nonconscious psychophysiological responses from biosignals.

This is how it works

Combine biosensors and let iMotions record and help you simplify your research

Built for scalability

If you are just starting on behavioral research or expanding your setup all the way to enterprise and university multi-user labs, iMotions offers integrated desktop and cloud-based applications that help scale research.

Plug and play biosensor hardware incorporation
Respondent management
Secure study sharing across geographical locations
Quality control management
Flexible student bundles for university labs and teaching

Customize for current and future needs

Build your solution so you only pay for what you need 

No matter the scale of modules you decide on, you will be able to
unpack human behavior and achieve you research at your own pace.

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iMotions Software Release

Explore iMotions 8.0

With your iMotions 8.0 license, you’ll receive faster, more immersive research possibilities with added integrations and better customer support.

Check out our release page to stay updated on the newest releases.

Full release notes

Full release notes for current and previous releases are available on the iMotions Help Center (login required).

Find the setup that works for you

The iMotions team of experts is here to consult with you on:

Help finding the right hardware
Performing best-in-class studies
How to get started with the software
Troubleshooting and support