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The iMotions software is your research solution for any kind of lab research. Whether you are working within behavioral science, doing observations, studying human factors, conducting usability testing or working in a simulation environment, iMotions is your answer.

iMotions Core features

Connect, Record, Analyze

  • Complete stimuli presentation (images, videos, websites, games, mobile/apps and VR)
  • Integrates and synchronizes all types of sensors (eye tracking, Facial Expression Analysis, electrodermal activity aka GSR, EEG, ECG, EMG)
  • Includes API to import/export transfer data from other sources
  • Built-in survey tool to add questionnaires to the data set
  • Live visualization of data streams
  • Live and post markers for annotations and behavioral coding
  • Build study design by point and click
  • Scene and respondent recordings and replay
  • Complete study editing and analysis using embedded R-scripting to visualize data
iMotions Software Platform

iMotions 9.2 - feature highlights

Automated annotations

You can now automate a large part of the annotations for your analysis of respondent data saving you countless of hours. From iMotions 9.2 the software allows you to define a rule that your Annotation shall last from one event to another and the Annotation is then automatically applied to all respondents across all collected stimuli. All you need for this is an event, which you can collect as a live marker or API trigger, log from a website, the mouse or keyboard, or even set as a point-marker during the analysis.

New Affdex 5.1

The new and improved AFFDEX SDK 5.1 brings further bias mitigation, more robust face detection and tracking and more insightful metrics.

Two new expressions added: Sentimentality and Confusion

The algorithm has been trained using a large naturalistic data set consisting of 12 million faces (people) across 90 countries with recordings of people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities, and a large portion of recordings were used to train the algorithm and the rest were used as a control group.

Improved face trackers

On the more specific technical side, AFFDEX 5.1 has had its face trackers upgraded. Overall performance from the previous version to the current one is up from 91.3% to 94.6% for correctly identifying faces in the frame. The improved face tracker means that partially obstructed faces, poorer lighting conditions, and alternative head poses have a higher chance of being recognized successfully than in earlier versions.

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A powerful software for powerful research

Our platform offers simple setup, flexible integrations and easy study management for faster research and improved validation of human responses.

Participant shopping with EEG, GSR and eye tracking glasses

Synchronize biosensors

Supports 50+ of the most commonly used biosensors

  • Full integration and synchronization support for 50+ biosensors in human behavior research such as Eye Tracking, Facial Expression Analysis, Electrodermal Activity / Galvanic Skin Response, EEG, EMG, and ECG hardware.
  • API and Lab Streaming Layer for additional sensor integration.
  • Built-in survey tool to lessen bias and triangulate respondents’ stated answers with nonconscious psychophysiological responses from biosignals.

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Remote Solutions

We offer two different solutions for remote testing

Online studies

Built upon our Desktop Solution, the Online Data Collection Module is a cost-effective approach that integrates fewer sensor technologies and less data depth, but one that can be deployed quickly and easily across the globe via a browser interface. Computer vision algorithms enable biometrics to be collected from a participant’s own webcam.

Benefits to Online studies:

  • Demographics: Geography, ethnicity, gender – you can be as narrow or wide as the study warrants. Online studies also give access to participants that are otherwise not able to show up to a center facility e.g. due to disability, or people in positions with limited time (e.g. doctors).
  • Speed: Turnaround time can decrease significantly since data is collected in parallel at hundreds of respondents’ homes.
  • Sample size: The convenience of online testing allows you to scale your experiment to hundreds, if not thousands of respondents.
  • Setting: A home-based study delivers a more natural environment than the lab. However, it requires more attention to respondent compliance, and a potential need to recruit larger than what the need would be in a controlled lab environment.

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More than 350 peer-reviewed research papers have been published using iMotions

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iMotions Software Release

Explore iMotions 9.0

With your iMotions 9.0 license, you’ll experience a completely rebuilt Areas of Interest Editor, Online Data Collection for remote studies, transparent signal processing with R Notebooks, and much more.

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Full release notes

Full release notes for current and previous releases are available on the iMotions Help Center (login required).