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Understand human factors in work and performance environments with iMotions

The power of assessing behavioral responses

Performance. Safety. Objectivity.

Determining how humans perform under different cognitive conditions can result in safer, more agile, and less error-prone environments.

Whether your human factors research and training involves pilots, drivers, operators, or any workplace — real or simulated — gathering human behavior data takes the guesswork out of testing and optimizing performance conditions.

That’s where iMotions comes in. We make behavioral research software that integrates biosensors to measure human behavior.

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Quantify physiological data in human factors research

Leverage the power of multiple data streams

With EEG, eye trackers, facial expression analysis software, EDA, or ECG technology, you have non-intrusive methods with which to assess human cognitive and emotional states during or after training and performance scenarios like simulations, virtual reality, occupational safety exercises, remote work and telecommunications, or task execution.

Combining these biosensor modalities provides an even more nuanced and detailed understanding of the underlying behavioral, cognitive, and attentive processes connected to an individual and his or her performance than pure observation, questionnaires, single sensors, or reviews can achieve.

Customize Your Scenarios

Synchronized data

Connect biosensor data from a range of hardware in real-word, lab, or VR environments

Objective measurements

Minimize bias by monitoring while tasks in question are being executed — and run any signal through our transparent R notebooks

Flexible API solution

Modify as you need with the API and/or LSL connections for closed loop environments or additional data streams

Faster assessments

Implement custom state classifiers, see live streams, and provide feedback during, not just after, tasks, trainings, or interviews for faster, better training outcomes

Flight & Automotive Applications

Connecting biosensors in iMotions gives you comprehensive real-time data, so you can detect reactions and human factors in driving or flight scenarios. Want to track visual attention in flight simulations for pilot training with eye tracking? Or understand distraction levels in drivers? Surfacing instant data from which you can deduce cognitive workload or infer levels of fatigue, hesitation, and response time allows trainers and evaluators to give feedback, modulate behavior, or validate systems and processes.

Simulations · Pilot Training & Certification · Driver Behavior · Drowsiness & Fatigue Assessment · Air Traffic Controllers

participant in front of three screens and driving simulator analysing emotional variables
man with eye tracking glasses in an airplane simulator cabin

Occupational & Operator Safety

Biosensors like eye trackers and EEG can also provide crucial details that help create safer, more engaging work environments. See where operators get distracted or stressed in human-machine interactions, detect how to improve workplace ergonomics based on psychophysiological responses, or test protocols in emergency situations.

iMotions is especially flexible thanks to its API capabilities, so you can scale data integrations and create closed-loop systems by outputting or inputting criteria or behavior from participants with an external system, to adjust factors of the experience such as complexity or assistance.

Stress Responses · Simulations & VR · After Action Reviews · Control Room Operators · Cognitive Workload

Individual Performance & Training

Training programs for professionals and individuals can take advantage of the instant feedback possibilities with biosensors, both in VR, simulations, and real-world training scenarios. iMotions lets you customize and visualize psychophysiological responses and derive indications of stress, blink rate, or frustration when they’re happening, so that you can iterate on your training procedures based on data. Whether for a professional assessment necessary for certification, to ensure error-free or optimized task completion, or to improve performance in online/webcam settings, biosensors give you the testing efficiency you need.

Surgery & Medical Training · VR Training · Physical & Sports Performance · Certifications · Workplace Assessments · Sales & Communication Training

basketball lying on a court

Where iMotions comes in really nicely when we're integrating sensors is to get the data from a raw data perspective to a meaningful interpretive state very quickly. It saves countless man-hours of data processing.

Derek Mann, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology - Jacksonville University

Explore Integrated Hardware

Seamlessly combine hardware from our partner vendors

Heightening training and performance measurements with biosensors takes you to the next level. Sensors like eye tracking glasses, VR eye tracking, ECG/EMG and respiration, as well as connecting outputs through the API are all possible to synchronize in iMotions:

Our hardware-agnostic approach enables integration from these partners and more:
Pupil Labs
EyeTech Digital Systems

Portability and accessibility for research methods

BusinessCustomer case

The Applied Psychology Department at Force Technology complements traditional survey results with mobile and moment-to-moment data from biosensors to provide objective findings for their clients.


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