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Investigate the activity of the brain

with the world’s leading biosensor platform

Synchronize your experimental process

iMotions simplifies the investigation of the activity of the brain in relation to a range of stimuli, for lab-based studies, VR experiments, and even in real-world settings.

Measure brain activity

Streamline neuroscientific research

Neuroscience involves measuring the function of the brain, and ultimately determining how this relates to action or cognition. This is typically done with neuroimaging devices such as EEG, the data of which can be corroborated with other biosensor measurements.

Data collection from multiple devices alongside stimulus presentation inevitably requires different software running simultaneously, which can be a bottleneck for research. iMotions allows the entire experimental process to be synchronized and controlled within a single software platform.

Examples of what clients are currently using iMotions for include:

  • Autism biomarker exploration with EEG, eye tracking, and EDA
  • Using EEG to study the effect of VR on learning
  • Exploring psychophysiological responses in bipolar patients
  • The physiological effects of transdermal neuromodulation

iMotions is used at over 50 of the 100 top ranking universities in the world

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Understanding brain functions

Through accurate and controlled experiments

EEG, as a neuroimaging device, can be complemented by the use of eye trackers, facial expression analysis software, and EDA devices, to give a more nuanced and detailed view of stimuli responses.

A combination of methodologies and modalities provides a thorough overview of psychophysiological reactions.

The iMotions software is a complete experimental platform that allows the entire process to be run, from study design and stimulus presentation to data collection and export or analysis.

Features to simplify and amplify your work

Connect. Record. Process. 

Synchronize a range of sensors

In a unified software platform

Design, present, and record

The entire experimental process together

Fully adaptable

Modify as you need with the API and/or LSL connections

Automatic analysis

Get results quickly from calculated metrics

Acceleration of research output and increased marketability

AcademiaCustomer case

iMotions helped Professor Roger Azevedo at North Carolina State University improve research efficiency and increase output.

Award winning Game Design Research

AcademiaCustomer case

Dr. Alessandro Canossa at Northeastern University conducts sophisticated player behavior studies using iMotions in a fraction of the time as compared to before iMotions. He’s won a best paper award for this work.

Research made possible with iMotions

Purdue University – Kumar Akash, Wan-lin Hu, Neera Jain, and Tahira Reid

Abstract:Today, intelligent machines interact and collaborate with humans in a way that demands a greater level of trust between human and machine…”

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