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1.State-of-the-art plug & play human behavior software solution

2. Intuitive work flows for study, stimuli and respondents setup

3. Easy data collection & sync of methods that ensure triangulation

4. Integrated analyses, versatile visualizations & raw data exports

5. Combine and sync multiple methods, including eye-tracking, facial coding, EEG, GSR, EMG, ECG and self-reports

Image shows participant with EEG (ABM B-Alert) and ASL eye tracking glasses




  • Consumer Neuroscience
  • Emotional Research
  • Neuroeconomics & Decision Neuroscience 
  • Language
  • Learning and Memory
  • Decision making, social behavior, risk taking, gambling
  • Reading, comprehension, multilingual cognition
  • Affect, arousal, valence, motivation
  • Consumption behaviors, marketing & communications effects
  • Episodic memory, motor learning (skills)

Solutions for Neuroscience


Emotion Research

Image showing Emotient facial coding, ABM B-Alert raw data & BrainState Metrics & eye tracking metrics in sync. Click on the image to enlarge.

Understand the basic building blocks of emotions and feelings by collecting data on arousal, valence and overt expressions in a synchronized way never seen before:

  • Employ GSR and pupillometry to assess arousal
  • Use EEG to study the valence and motivational responses (e.g., frontal asymmetry responses)
  • Use facial coding, EMG and postural changes to study overt emotional responses
  • Triangulate measures of emotional responses with self-reported feelings

cosmo_4_3_2 (RESPONDENT 1) - GAZE REPLAY-1

Attention & Consciousness

Image shows eye gaze on top of video stimulus in sync with ABM B-Alert BrainState Workload metric. Click on image to enlarge.

What are the drivers and mechanisms of attention? What makes some streams of thought explicit and conscious, and how can unconscious processes still affect thinking and behavior?

  • Use eye-tracking to track and quantify respondent attention and gaze
  • Employ mobile eye-tracking to enable ecologically valid studies of visual attention
  • Use EEG to understand the high-resolution neural dynamics underlying conscious and unconscious processes while studying consciousness


Language Research

Image shows face of respondent, eye gaze on top of text stimulus in sync with Emotiv Affectivity EEG metrics and Emotient facial coding (Surprise channel). Click on the image to enlarge.

iMotions Biometric Research Platform enables researchers to better understand the cognitive and neural functions underlying language comprehension

  • Use high-resolution eye-tracking to study how visual attention is guided during the reading process, and how micro saccades and other eye responses affect reading
  • With EEG to measure the direct neural responses to single words as well as the overall response to sentences, symbols and meaning
  • Use other tools like facial coding, GSR and pupillometry to assess the non-verbal aspects of communication


Social Neuroscience

Image shows eye tracking metrics (Areas Of Interest) on faces. Click on the image to enlarge.

iMotions helps researchers to understand the multiple aspects of social behavior being able to compare many situations and scenarios

  • Use facial coding to understand the dynamics of how faces are affecting social dynamics in both sender and recipients
  • Use GSR and other arousal measures to better assess and understand the emotional impact of social situations and their effects on behavior
  • Employ EEG to understand the neural bases of social thinking and action
  • Fully triangulate methods to provide a complete picture of covert and overt processes in social behaviors

How iMotions Biometric Research Platform adds value to academics


Better synchronization & intuitive software solution allows faster turnaround in study initiation, acquisition, export and thus, paper publication


“Time is money”, and also by empowering student involvement, time of IT / research experts is less needed, thus reducing the overall cost of studies



Allowing collection from more sources, using same sync method, & allowing combination of multiple studies ensures scalability, validity & reliability



Provides a platform for future integration of new tools as they become available, and supporting backwards compatibility with previous studies

Publications of studies within Neuroscience made with iMotions technology

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