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Uncover nonconscious responses

Biosensor data creates a stronger understanding of how physiological signals and mental states are connected in healthcare and medicine.

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Biosensors have long been used within medical contexts, and have a rich history of generating a better understanding of human physiology and behavior. The challenges however are seen at both the technical level with the synchronization of biosensors, and at the conceptual level, with employing biosensor measurements to generate new ways of looking at old problems.

iMotions enables the collection of multiple biosensor datastreams in a single platform, and also provides the flexibility and ease-of-use for new research approaches to be taken on.

Examples of what clients are currently using iMotions for include:

  • Pain detection using facial expression analysis and EDA
  • Researching the treatment of anxiety using VR, eye tracking, EDA and HRV
  • Autism biomarker exploration with EEG, eye tracking, and EDA
  • Investigating physician-patient communication behaviors

iMotions is used at leading hospitals, universities and healthcare companies worldwide

Quantify physiological data in health care research 

Leverage the power of biosensor data.

With technology such as EEG, eye trackers, facial expression analysis software, EDA, or ECG devices, accurate quantification of  physiological data can be provided and related to the disease, disorder, or behavior of interest.

Combining these modalities provides a nuanced and detailed understanding of the various processes underlying mental and physical states, as well as the efficacy of treatment methods.

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Features to simplify and amplify your work

Connect. Record. Process.

Synchronize a range of sensors

In a unified software platform

Design, present, and record

The entire experimental process together

Fully adaptable

Modify as you need with the API and/or LSL connections

Medical grade equipment

CE certified and FDA-cleared hardware integrations

Psychiatry and Health Research

Autism research · Behavioral & mental health · Neurological disorders · Dementia research

An understanding of any disorder or disease is dependent on access to good data. With biosensors, your research can investigate how individuals respond to treatment, or simply the processes underlying day-to-day functioning.

Recording and analyzing multiple biosignals at once with iMotions allows for entirely new data and insights, especially in a behavioral context that is often overlooked: our nonconscious, psychophysiological responses to stimuli.

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Diagnostics and mental health research

Clinical practice · Medical training · Patient-doctor interactions · Simulations & VR · Caregiving & rehab

Using biosensor data in healthcare research related to the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases shows great promise in many disease areas. Objective data from sensors brings new insights and may be able to document disease progression or treatment efficacy. 

Biosensor data can also prove valuable in mental health research in the development of new treatments, by providing insights into physiological responses to new technology.

Research made possible with iMotions

Northeastern University, Janssen Research & Development, Duke University School of Medicine, University of California San Francisco, and the University of Washington – Manfredonia et al.

Abstract: “Facial expression is impaired in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but rarely systematically studied. We focus on the ability of individuals with ASD to produce facial expressions of emotions in response to a verbal prompt…”

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