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Complex problems call for smart solutions. A holistic approach can help us understand the issues we face today – and leave decision-makers better prepared for the questions we face tomorrow.

With iMotions, you’ll be training the next generation of thinkers and entrepreneurs in cutting-edge research techniques to assess human behavior, giving them a global, competitive edge.

Screenshot of advert experiment using iMotions

Think Slow

Objectivity made easy

Human behavior might be irrational, but it isn’t necessarily unpredictable. The tools used to understand and predict human behavior have been tried and tested for decades, and are increasingly used by business schools to generate an objective understanding of decision-making, perception, and emotions. Yet setting up a behavioral science lab has often been a difficult endeavor – until iMotions.

iMotions brings behavioral science into your business school with ease and simplicity. Design and execute cutting-edge experiments in a single platform, through computers, mobile devices, virtual reality, or from live environments. The iMotions software is designed to make human behavior science straightforward, so that you can understand human behavior in all its complexity.

iMotions is used at over 800 universities worldwide

A complete lab, anywhere

Beyond hands-on

Training the next generation of entrepreneurs, researchers, and decision-makers requires more than teaching facts – it requires teaching a mindset. iMotions provides student bundles to allow real, hands-on experience with the world’s leading human behavior science software. This gives educators an opportunity not only to teach what cutting-edge science looks like, but what it takes to carry it out. The software with fully-remote options gives students an entire lab to learn from, to make mistakes with, and to generate a deep understanding of human behavior science.

Participant wearing eye tracking glasses in a supermarket

Behavioral & Neuro-Economics

The data behind decision-making

Understanding how heuristics, nudges, and perceptions of risk drive the rationality (and irrationality) of behaviors and decisions requires techniques and methods that are well suited to the task. Having access to detailed human behavioral data can bring clarity to complexity. iMotions provides a single platform for behavioral experiments, for collecting biosensor or survey data in any environment. Use iMotions to:

  • Incorporate physiological data into predictive behavioral models and neuroeconomics to improve accuracy
  • Understand how attention to options impacts decision-making with eye tracking
  • Analyze physiological arousal in Game Theory contexts with the iMotions Z-tree integration

Consumer Neuroscience

Understand consumer decisions

Predicting human behavior has never been an easy task, but with the advances of consumer neuroscience, it has become increasingly within reach, and increasingly accurate. Having several relevant sources of neuromarketing data helps create a more informed and more reliable view of what drives human action. iMotions is the gold-standard system for analyzing and exploring multiple data streams, to make your insights clear and powerful. Use iMotions to explore:

  • How willingness to pay is reflected in brain activity
  • How physiological activity reflects types of film trailers
  • How emotions, personality, and physiological responses shape taste preferences
  • The attentional and perceptual limits of brand exposure, and how this impacts recall
iMotions FEA interface

Human Interaction

Why do we act the way we do?

Communication in human interactions may appear simple, yet its complexity and importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Having access to tools that can see beyond the surface is critical to providing a better understanding of communication processes. iMotions provides a single, easy-to-use platform to integrate multiple biosensors, and to explore the ways in which interactions are formed, shaped, and driven. Use iMotions to explore:

  • How persuasion is shaped by different storytelling approaches
  • How nuances in emotional displays can alter interactions in the real and digital world
  • The ways in which non-verbal cues impact social attention

Sample Hardware for Consumer Testing

Seamlessly combine hardware from our vendor partners 

Consumer neuroscience and behavioral research can take place in screen-based or mobile settings. For example, with media/ad/website testing in a screen-based setting, you can take advantage of streamlined visual attention data from an eye tracker, facial expression analysis from a webcam, brain activity from an EEG headset and emotional arousal from an electrodermal activity wristband. Or, take your studies in-store with eye tracking glasses or to VR environments.

Our hardware-agnostic approach enables integration from these partners and more:
EyeTech Digital Systems
Pupil Labs

iMotions software features to simplify and amplify your work

Connect. Record. Process.

Synchronize a range of sensors

In a unified software platform, plus personalized support from the team of iMotions experts. 

Design, present, and record

The entire experimental process together. Screen-sharing and live camera feeds let you visualize your studies in real time.

Fully adaptable

Modify as you need with the API and/or LSL connections, and use our capabilities for remote testing. 

Automatic analysis

Get results quickly from calculated metrics, and speed up publications with R-notebooks using our open documentation.

Unite Students and Business

With multi-disciplinary benefits

Benefits for Schools

  • Attractive high-tech package to offer students across multidisciplinary subjects, differentiating your school from the pack
  • Match the right technology with your teaching objectives on data analytics, consumer behavior or new technologies
  • Emotional AI including real-time non-conscious data sets to explain human behavior in real-world settings
  • Greater global presence and pipeline to businesses to offer cutting-edge research possibilities, which helps your rankings

Benefits for Students

  • Great possibility for students to get close to business life and deliver useful, valid and eye-opening results as part of their studies
  • New perspectives on top emerging technologies and students’ future careers
  • Opportunity to specialize in behavioral research, consumer neuroscience, data science and more with a broad variety of application areas such as UX, marketing, health and engineering

Innovative neuroeconomics research at Texas A&M

AcademiaCustomer case

Professor Marco Palma and the Human Behavior Lab at Texas A&M University is pioneering research in neuroeconomics with iMotions, scaling experiments and executing research faster than ever.

How do biosensors help create an understanding of human behavior?

Present your stimuli, synchronize biosensors, manage respondent data, and analyze human responses – all in the iMotions Platform. Click on an icon to learn more about each biosensor module.

Research made possible with iMotions

University of Michigan – Anocha Aribarg, Eric M. Schwartz

Researchers at the University of Michigan used iMotions to assess how attention to native advertising can impact brand recognition and website trustworthiness.

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