Conducting applied neuromarketing for the food and beverage industry

Neuromarketing is gaining steam in commercial industries as more than a buzzword, as applied, neuroscience-based techniques prove to glean new market and product insights. In this webinar, we explore how equipping a human behavior research lab with a full setup of eye tracking, facial coding, galvanic skin response, and EEG gives commercial researchers the edge in the fast-evolving field of neuromarketing.

We invited iMotions client Jasna Stoimirovska Velichkov, founder of AREL Neuromarketing, to share her techniques in applied neuromarketing in the context of several studies she has conducted in the food and beverage space. She will demonstrate how to structure methodologies and generate results for research questions such as: how do consumers interact with food packaging, and how can we predict the market potential of a food or beverage product? She will also talk about how she is pushing the field forward by educating upcoming neuromarketers.

You’ll be inspired by Jasna’s expertise to think about how to get more out of neuromarketing as an integral part of any commercial or business strategy.

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