Biosensors in fragrance and cosmetic research – with Clarins

How do consumers react to flavors and fragrance? Why do consumers prefer certain cosmetic products over others? Traditional sensory testing may be too limited to be able to predict consumer acceptance of products, due to both the difficulty of capturing reactions through words, but also the nuance inherent to our senses and individual preferences.

In this webinar you can learn how biosensors and neuroscientific techniques can give you access to automatic responses by uncovering the influences, emotions, and moods that occur nonconsciously in your customers outside of conscious awareness and bias – adding a whole new layer of insight to your research.

iMotions invites Laura Gilbert, Ph.D, Project Manager for Sensory Innovation at Laboratoires Clarins, to present how Clarins tests fragrances and cosmetics using biometric sensors with iMotions solutions, and how they uncover consumer preferences that they previously may have missed. Laura Gilbert holds a PhD in polymer physicochemistry and sensory analysis. She has been in charge of sensory innovation at Clarins Laboratories for 6 years. She sets up research projects to better understand consumers’ perceptions and feelings and supports development in order to bring to market the most sensorial and emotional cosmetic formulas that bring well-being to consumers.

Ranli Wang and Samir Karzazi from iMotions will also present the sensory research solutions available in iMotions, share an example of a fragrance study, and provide a quick demonstration of the iMotions platform.

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