Transportation Simulator Labs with Dr. David Hurwitz

Hear from the director of one of the world’s few multi-modal human-in-the-loop transportation simulator laboratories!

On this Path to Publication webinar, listen to a conversation with iMotions and Dr. David Hurwitz, Professor of transportation engineering, Director of the Kiewit Center for Infrastructure and Transportation Research, and Director of the Driving and Bicycling Research Laboratory in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University (OSU).

Dr. Hurwitz runs one of the most interesting transportation simulator labs on the planet. He talks about the lab’s experimental facility, which focuses on studying human factors, driver/biker behavior, automation, infrastructure interactions, and traffic operations and safety.

The four simulators ranging from desktop to full-cab driving, heavy vehicle, and bike simulators, can all capture performance measures from eye tracking, skin conductance, and heart rate using iMotions. Thanks to its networked approach, transportation simulations can interact with each other, meaning that he and his team have been able to publish papers studying the interaction between cars, commercial vehicles like trucks, and bikers. The team’s research has even been instrumental in advancing novel transportation infrastructure designs across Oregon and the US.

Get inspired by how Dr. Hurwitz has been involved in publishing over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports, and how he’s maintained an efficient, sustainable lab with a robust community of researchers and students for over a decade. No matter the scale of your simulator dreams (or current lab), this webinar shows you a path to getting published and sustaining your research.

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