Multisensory perception and food-related decision-making

Publishing your human behavior research can take many paths — and even many years to go from idea inception to publish date. In this “Path to Publication” webinar series, researchers using iMotions who’ve made it to publication have the opportunity to share their experience, advice, and study methodologies across the diverse field of human behavior research and psychophysiology.

Customer Success Manager Danni Peng-Li, PhD kicks off our inaugural Path to Publication webinar by sharing his recently published study investigating the influence of cognitive regulation and ambient restaurant noise on food cravings. Prior to joining the team at iMotions, Danni Peng-Li completed his PhD with this publication, which used electroencephalography (EEG) and electrodermal activity (EDA) to pinpoint the levels of emotional arousal, motivation, and cognitive load while participants were exposed to loud vs soft background noise and were asked to focus on the long-term vs immediate rewards of eating high-caloric foods. The result of his PhD is a fascinating analysis of food-related decision making when it comes to multisensory perception and emotional engagement with food.

In this conversational webinar, attendees get hands-on insights into how to guide your study to the publication phase, including verifying a hypothesis, designing the study with multimodal sensors, collecting data, and advocating for a multimodal setup. No matter your research field or if you are a Principal Investigator, researcher, or Lab Manager, you’ll get a roadmap to publication that is not to be missed!

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