Understanding human psychology and behavior is at the cornerstone of a huge amount of research being conducted today. Unfortunately bad research methods and incorrect conclusions are still part of everyday life in both the academic and commercial world. The study of human behavior, in most cases, lacks not only the correct frameworks, but also the correct tools.

We, at iMotions, are strong advocates of evidence-based practices when measuring, interpreting, and understanding human behavior with the use of biometrics in properly designed experiments. We’re also strong believers in efficiency and know that reading several 500-page books to get a better understanding of this is not something everyone would enjoy. That’s why we’ve gathered a few of our visual cheat sheets to help you better understand the why, what, how, and where of human behavior research.


Cheat Sheet #1 –  The Different Measures

So why biosensors? We answered the question in depth in this post but a quick look at this cheat sheet summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches to studying and understanding human behavior.

The iMotions biosensor-based platform includes complete survey design and integration along with full multimedia stimuli presentation to combine methods to get the full picture.


 different biometric methods



Cheat Sheet #2 – Biometric Metrics and Interpretation

So now you know what biometrics can do for you and your human behavior research. But what are the different sensors and technologies, and more importantly, what metrics and results can I get from measuring them?

We’ve created this helpful overview that explains just that.


biometrics metrics


Cheat sheet #3 – Application Areas and Methods

In our guide to advanced insights we introduced our elaborate research technology cheat sheet to shine a light on the endless application areas, and help researchers from both the academic and commercial world pinpoint which sensors and technologies  can best help with their research question.

research checklist


Now what?

I hope you’ve enjoyed our excerpts of what’s possible in the world of studying human behavior. For a better understanding of human behavior please feel free to download our free comprehensive guide or contact us if you would like to know more about our offerings.


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