Carrying out research is a series of processes. Planning the experiment, designing the participant groups, setting up the study, and collecting the data are all critical to carrying out scientifically valid research. One particularly challenging aspect of the research process is the data analysis step; Specifically, it takes time and patience to know what the appropriate statistical test is for evaluating your data.

To help with this process, we have a variety of resources available, from our experimental design guide (available below), to guidance for statistical tools, as well as several built-in analytical tools available in our software. To complement these, we’ve also built the chart below to help you carry out the statistical test you need to best determine the results of your experiment.

The graphic below provides a quick guide to selecting the most appropriate method among common statistical tests:

Stats flowchart diagram

(Click on the image to see it in a large format)

Armed with this flowchart for guiding your choice of statistical test, you should be able to take confident steps towards the final stage of your experiment. To learn more about carrying out great research, from beginning to end, download our free guide below.