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iMotions Survey Tool

Triangulate data from biosensors with self-reports

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Deeper insights by combining surveys and biosensors

The built-in iMotions Survey capability provides flexible tools to design a questionnaire with images, likert scales, multiple choice or text input answers to triangulate participants’ stated answers with nonconscious responses from biosensors.

Including surveys in real time by fusing them into a study with other stimuli and physiological sensors can dramatically enhance study findings and mitigate the risks of response bias. The iMotions Survey Tool is always included with your software license, so survey integration is easy.

Easy survey design and integration

Insert a survey slide

A survey can be integrated into your iMotions study just as any other stimuli. A survey consists of one or more slides with any number of questions, images & other elements.

Survey designer

Flexible set of tools to design a survey from scratch or edit existing surveys. The survey can be stored as a template and retrieved later when necessary.

Drag & drop customization

The user-friendly and intuitive functionality allows you to customize different type of questionnaires with images, likert scales, multiple choice and text input answers.

There is a lot of correlation between biometrics and the survey responses that give us an insight whether the surveys are actually valid and these responses are legitimate.

Philip Hart
Assistant Professor - Westfield State University

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Enabling Emotion-Driven Audience Insights for Movie Trailers

BusinessCustomer case

Dan Schönemann and Morten Thomsen sought out the iMotions Enablement Services team when they wanted to gather better audience data on movie trailers for a collaborative project involving Nordisk Film, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, The Danish Film Institute, and Biografklub Danmark. By using Galvanic Skin Response to test trailers, iMotions helped them push beyond relying on how audiences think they react to trailers, to discovering how they actually respond emotionally.

Combine biosensors and uncover underlying emotions and responses

The iMotions software combines the survey feature naturally with biosensors like eye tracking and facial expression analysis to efficiently unpack human emotions and physiological responses. Click on an icon to learn more about the biosensor module.

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How to get started

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