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Create a deeper understanding

with the world’s leading biosensor platform

Reach conclusions faster

iMotions multimodal biosensor platform

With iMotions you can complete your research without having to worry about software limitations. Thanks to the full and seamless integration of multiple data sources in real time, it’s possible to collect the data you need to solve the problems you’re after, no matter how complex the research question.

The hardware agnostic software provides straightforward integrations with over 50 biosensor devices, saving you time and resources with setup and preparation. The iMotions software has full scalability so you can use different devices and sensors when you need to, allowing you to focus on reaching conclusions.

iMotions is used at over 50 of the 100 top ranking universities in the world

iMotions helps scientists advance understanding in these fields of research


Collect psychophysiological data to answer complex questions.

Computer Science

Train computational models, study human interaction.


Investigate brain-based responses to stimuli.

Business and Marketing

Understand consumer processes at a deep level.

Medical / psychiatry

Investigate disease and disorder with a multimodal approach.

Education and Communication

Investigate the quantitative impact of teaching methods and communication.

Accelerate your research

A single software for human behavior research

The iMotions software allows the integration of a range of biosensors, from eye trackers, to EEG headsets, GSR / EDA devices, facial expression analysis, ECG, and much more.

The platform is fully flexible to use as you need, natively integrating with hardware from over 20 trusted partners.

Block designs are easily implemented, and data collection is fully synchronized. The software allows stimuli presentation in almost any form, from images, videos, and websites, to real-world settings, VR environments, simulations, and beyond.

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The iMotions platform works with
any kind of biosensor

iMotions works with these partners and more:
Advanced Brain Monitoring
Pupil Labs

Cutting-Edge Methods for Faster and Improved Human Factors Research

AcademiaCustomer case

Dr. Camilla Grane, Professor Bjarne Bergquist, and Dr. Peter Törlind at Luleå University use iMotions to improve the speed at which research can be done, and to develop new ways to explore previous research to uncover novel findings.


Objective Data for Understanding Emotional Expressions

AcademiaCustomer case

iMotions helps Oxford University address entirely new areas of research into emotions. By utilizing an objective and automated system for measurements of facial expressions, Dr. Danielle Shore is able to rapidly explore emotional reactions in game theory contexts.

Trusted by Academics

More than 350 peer-reviewed research papers have been published using iMotions

We continue to empower global researchers and help them achieve results faster. Browse research papers on our publications page.

Support when you need it

From fellow researchers

When you become an iMotions customer, you will be provided with a dedicated consultant who will be your main point of contact for continuous support and consultation. You will also receive full access to our Help Center and Support team for any day-to-day requirements.

Our team of Ph.D. experts and consultants will make sure your onboarding is successful and you’ll benefit from being able to speak to someone who knows your research, the challenges you face, and your long term objectives.

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Every great study starts with a grant

Writing a good grant proposal is time-consuming and almost an academic discipline in itself. We are ready to personally support you in your grant writing process, and have been featured on a range of successful funding applications. Download our guide below for more advice and information on funding sources and various application process.

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