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Online Data Collection

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The iMotions Online Data Collection Module

Bring your research online

iMotions Online Data Collection uses a browser interface and a participant’s own webcam to collect data from Facial Expression Analysis and Eye Tracking, which can be combined with online surveying. Data then can be processed and analyzed through the iMotions Desktop Solution, maintaining integrity without compromising full, flexible functionality.

Benefits of Online Studies

Expand Human Behavioral Research Capabilities to Anyone, Anywhere at Any Time

Powerful Insights

Capture and integrate biometric, behavioral and self-report data from a range of media including images, videos, and websites.

Flexible Study Design

Manage design, distribution and data collection remotely – from home or lab. Turnaround time can decrease by as much as 80 percent.

Panel Flexibility

Scale biometric studies to hundreds or thousands of respondents – wherever, whenever and with broad or very narrow demographics.

Data Quality

Realize the advantages of studies in a natural environment, while having the flexibility to segment out data from low-quality respondents.

Analysis Flexibility

Import data into the Desktop Solution so it can be processed when needed, analyzed in-depth with a full suite of tools, and integrated or compared with other work.

Our collaboration with iMotions made it possible for us to transition to online data collection while keeping our research study timeline as planned during COVID-19 lockdowns. Built upon the iMotions' Lab solution, the Online Data Collection module gives us the flexibility to go as narrow or wide as the study warrants within geography, ethnicity or gender. We have found it very useful as a supplement to our premises' lab assets with quick turnaround time as data is collected in parallel remotely via webcam.

Rob Hammond
Rob Hammond
Director of the Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation - University of South Florida

Online Data Collection

Now compatible with SONA Systems participant management platform

Recruit panelists, disseminate online study links, and collect responses with the easy-to-use experiment builder, which is completely integrated between iMotions and SONA Systems.

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Online Data Collection module starts at 2,900 USD*

Sound like something for your research?

*Pricing is customized based on your industry and relies on whether you already have the iMotions software. The ODC Module itself starts from 2,900 USD incl. 1000 respondents. 

Get Webcam Eye Tracking as a free trial until 30. June 2021.


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