Automatic Facial Expression Analysis

Gain deeper insights into human emotional reactions

A few of our facial expression analysis clients:

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Non intrusive

Non-intrusive research method


Avoid intrusive research methods that introduce bias into reactions. A face video recorded from a standard webcam is all you need. Live visualize, analyze, aggregate and export all raw data and metrics.

Post analyze facial expressions

Post analyze previously recorded faces


Have a big library of existing recordings? Batch upload all videos to iMotions and quickly extract all facial expression data, analyze & aggregate it, and export results directly.

visualize and export

Live visualize, aggregate & export raw data


Live visualize all emotion and facial channels synchronized with the stimuli on a timeline. Segment and aggregate across participants and export all raw data to import it into any statistical program for further analysis.

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“My knowledge and experience in the field, combined with the resources at iMotions, is creating opportunities that I had never conceived of before. The iMotions software has enabled me to do research projects that I would not have done otherwise”
Steven Vannoy, Associate Professor of Counseling and School Psychology, University of Massachussetts Boston

Facial Expression Analysis Engine Integrated in iMotions

Seamlessly integrated into the iMotions platform

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Affectiva facial expression

The Affectiva engine, called AFFDEX, identifies the face and then locates the main feature points on the face, such as eyes and mouth. Then, it assesses movement, shape and texture of the face at a pixel level. Main outputs are:

  • 7 Basic Emotions: Joy, Anger, Surprise, Fear, Contempt, Sadness, Disgust
  • Valence: Positive, Negative & Neutral Sentiments
  • Emotion Channels: Smile, Brow Furrow, Brow Raise, Lip Corner Depressor (Frown), Inner Brow Raise, Eye Closure, Nose Wrinkle, Upper Lip Raise, Lip Suck, Lip Pucker, Lip Press, Mouth Open, Lip Corner Depressor, Chin Raise, Smirk.
  • 33 facial landmarks: (x,y coordinates), so-called “Feature Points”
  • Head Orientation: Pitch, yaw and roll angels in a 3D space
  • Interocular Distance: Distance between the two outer eye corners
  • Engagement: Emotional Engagement
Read more about Affectiva integration

Combine with stimuli, facial expression analysis, EEG, GSR & more

Synchronization overview

Facial Expressions Research Environments

Facial expression lab setup

Lab Setting

Analyze facial expression in a controlled lab environment:

  • On screen stimuli
  • Real world products
  • Analyze all data locally
social interaction

Social Interaction

Interviews and human interactions can be recorded:

  • Record interactions
  • Analyze on the fly
  • Aggregate data
Group research

Group Research

Observe group dynamics with multiple cameras:

  • Record multiple faces
  • Analyze and aggregate
  • Synchronize across individuals
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