Why Companies and Neuromarketing Students Should Collaborate on Research

Neuromarketing technologies are emerging as need-to-have tools for marketing and business research. This requires upskilling in techniques such as eye tracking, emotion detection, and wearable sensors.

Companies and universities alike can nurture these skills by collaborating on research projects that unearth business insights while enabling students to become leaders in these technologies. In this webinar, iMotions Director of Consultancy Services Samir Karzazi invited Jesper Clement, PhD, Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School, to speak about such collaborations between CBS and leading consumer goods companies, where they’ve used iMotions to study preference patterns among consumers.

Get a blueprint from this webinar for making use of academic-caliber applied research methods using biosensors for commercial studies, from hypothesis to results, so that your company or school can undertake cutting-edge neuromarketing research.

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