Tourism Experience Research with Biometrics – iMotions at Tourism Naturally Webinar

iMotions was invited to the Tourism Naturally conference to explain how the tourism industry can utilize human behavior research to become more profitable and sustainable through better understanding what humans feel and desire with their travel experiences.

iMotions Technical Director Jessica Wilson, PhD and Lead Data Scientist, ​​Paolo Masulli, PhD had the pleasure of speaking at the Tourism Naturally conference to demonstrate how we can look to physiological and emotional signals to uncover new knowledge about how people want to travel. When it comes to tourism experience research, our physiological reactions can tell us a lot, from booking a trip all the way to navigating a location.

You can also read a breakdown of the insights generated during this webinar.

0:00 Introduction
3:32 Attention and emotion in tourism
5:20 Emotions drive decision making
4:46 Biological signals versus self-report
8:48 What is iMotions
10:11 Introduction to biosensor tools
18:29 Multimodal approach is key
20:16 Examples of biosensors in tourism research
20:53 Booking a flight – usability test
23:46 Evaluating hotels – Expedia client story
25:55 Exploring an attraction – Museum of Science, Boston
27:20 Doing research remotely
34:02 Mobile research platform
57:07 Q&A

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