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The European Union recently launched the initiative “Vision Zero”, which aims at bringing down the EU’s share of the estimated 1.35 million annual global road fatalities to zero by 2050. The initiative has spurred the entire automotive sector into action as car manufacturers are working hard to implement the new requirements to modern cars put forth as measures for the 2050 goal. One of those requirements is the implementation of advanced driver distraction warning systems, aimed to address traffic accidents caused by factors like distraction and fatigue. 

New standards and requirements in the automotive industry, means a corresponding amount of R&D and human factors engineering has to take place to develop them. To that end, iMotions has developed a state of the art OSM (Occupant Status Monitoring) Reference System.

NCAP24 in Munich

In April 2024, iMotions attended the NCAP’24 (New Car Assessment Programs) Conference in Munich, Germany in collaboration with hardware provider Smart Eye Research Instruments to showcase the OSM System. This was the perfect place to do so, as the focus of the conference is to ensure safety in the automotive industry by adhering to a strict set of requirements for automobile safety and implementing the latest advancements in safety technology. 

The NCAP24 conference brought in the largest companies in automotive technology, OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer), vehicle inspection test lanes, and automotive manufacturers- all focused on the launch of new research in the field with hands-on practical demonstrations. 


The iMotions OSM System aims to enhance the automotive industry’s testing capabilities and strengthen testing measures prior to companies submitting. In short, the OSM System makes it possible for car manufacturers to test a car’s interior layout and its cognitive impact on the driver, very early in the design process. This way manufacturers can quickly ascertain whether their designs meet the new standards or not, and thus making the design process less costly in the long run.   

During the NCAP24 conference, our team hosted a lot of demos of the OSM System, and we are happy to announce that it was met with eager enthusiasm by the attendees. We experienced that there is a lot of interest in procuring testing systems that can manage multiple test types, incorporate multiple cameras and produce immediate insightful analytics. The OSM System is in line to provide safer and more reliable testing analytics, allowing OEM’s to test their products and make sure they are up to standard prior to inspection submission.

Our team recorded an in-cabin demo of the system, which you can see below. The video perfectly illustrates how data collection happens seamlessly and immediately during testing and how intuitive the system is to engage with.

Who is the iMotions OSM Reference System made for? 

The iMotions OSM system is a pivotal tool spanning the entirety of the automotive production and testing processes. With the important pursuit of a coveted 5 Star NCAP score resonating across major car manufacturers, the OSM reference system emerges as a central component in early-stage assurance. From the early stages of design prototyping to the culmination of the final productization, it serves as an indispensable ally, smoothing the pathway toward compliance with the most stringent safety standards.

At its core, the OSM reference system furnishes car manufacturers with a vital advantage—an opportunity to subject their prototypes to meticulous pre-testing. This pre-emptive measure ensures that vehicles align with NCAP criteria before embarking on the official testing journey at specialized Test Track, or “Proving Grounds” service providers. By affording manufacturers the means to scrutinize and refine their designs internally, the OSM system not only accelerates the pace of development but also mitigates the risk of setbacks during formal evaluations.

Moreover, the symbiotic relationship between the OSM system and Test Track service providers yields mutual benefits. These entities can leverage the system’s capabilities to elevate the efficacy of their testing procedures. Traditionally reliant on manual setup and data collection methods, the integration of the iMotions OSM Reference System heralds a paradigm shift. It streamlines processes, expediting the assessment of safety features with unparalleled precision and efficiency.


In essence, the iMotions OSM system transcends the confines of a mere technological innovation; it is a catalyst for transformative paradigm shift within the automotive landscape. By harmonizing pre-testing endeavors, optimizing testing protocols, and revolutionizing data acquisition methodologies, it ushers in an era defined by heightened safety standards and accelerated progress.

A Closer look at the iMotions OSM Reference System

The iMotions OSM Reference System seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology to fulfill a spectrum of safety standards, including EuroNCAP, ADDW (Advanced Driver Distraction Warning), DDAW (Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning), and C-NCAP (Chinese New Car Assessment Programs) compliance (soon to be available).The OSM system is a multi-camera occupant evaluation system, and it objectively assesses driver distraction levels by monitoring occupant status with precision.

This system delivers critical distraction metrics by harnessing advanced gaze and head-tracking technologies. Leveraging the Smart Eye Pro remote eye tracking system and the iMotions biometric software interface, it offers a comprehensive solution for collecting and analyzing driver information to evaluate distraction levels. Remarkably, operators can execute tests via voice instructions, eliminating the need for a test leader in the vehicle.

Furthermore, the system accommodates various test scenarios, meticulously tracking both long and short distractions of the driver. The reference system seamlessly detects whether the in-car Driver Monitoring System (DMS) distinguishes between owl and lizard eye movements as mandated by the NCAP protocol. This capability is empowered by the aforementioned top-tier Smart Eye Pro research-grade eye tracking, augmented with high-performance eye and head-tracking algorithms.

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