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Welcome to the future of higher education – where academia meets application.

iMotions EduLabs aims to transform higher education by integrating biometric technology for advanced research and student learning. By offering comprehensive solutions that bridge academia and application, EduLabs facilitates innovation, collaboration, and excellence in behavioral studies, preparing students for industry leadership and enhancing academic research.

At iMotions, our driving ambition has always been to help redefine the academic landscape. We have this goal because we believe in the profound power of human behavior research, and the limitless potential it has in shaping our world. Bringing our software technology out into the broader world of academia, providing access for both researchers and students enables us to help foster the talent of tomorrow and elevate the academic research that is being done now, and in the future. 

In today’s academic landscape, universities face unprecedented challenges in fostering innovation, nurturing both student learning and talent, advancing cutting-edge research, and engaging in fruitful industry collaborations. Universities can no longer afford to work in small disjointed research units fully separate from each other.

What is needed in academia today, is a transformative portfolio of solutions that seamlessly permeates every aspect of academic research, from early student learning to high-level research, and seamlessly encompasses both interdepartmental as well as industry collaboration. To accomplish this task we are proud to announce the launch of iMotions EduLabs. 

iMotions Edulabs

iMotions EduLabs is an umbrella term that covers and encompasses all the academic products we offer, which, when integrated into an academic ecosystem, can help draw a logical line from early learning all the way through to groundbreaking research. In this article we will go through what iMotions EduLabs covers, and how we envision the transformative power of our different software when deployed in an academic environment. 

EduLabs: Elevate Research, Empower Education

iMotions EduLabs is a fusion of our “Education” and “Laboratory” solutions and stands for a symbiotic relationship between cutting-edge technology and academic exploration. It embodies the vision of transforming traditional educational settings, providing students, educators, and researchers with unparalleled tools to study, understand, and innovate in the realm of human behavior.

The iMotions EduLabs umbrella is aimed at being able to adapt itself to various educational iterations, ensuring a holistic and efficient academic ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of two separate products, iMotions Lab and iMotions Online, and they each cater to advanced research for human behavior studies and publications, the other to facilitate biometric technology methodologies to students to bring with them out into the workforce. 

iMotions Lab

iMotions Lab is our research-grade software platform. It is the bridge between academic researchers and aspiring students in the realm of behavioral research. For seasoned researchers, it offers a robust toolbox for designing and conducting complex experiments, and facilitating groundbreaking discoveries. Simultaneously, it serves as an invaluable educational resource for students advancing from iMotions Online to the full lab suite.

With its intuitive interface, iMotions Lab enables students to delve into high-level hands-on research, fostering a deep understanding of the myriad research methodologies available. By catering to both seasoned professionals and advanced students, iMotions Lab paves the way for collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the world of behavioral research.

iMotions Online

iMotions Online is a versatile platform that serves as the learning platform and later gateway to advanced research. Researchers, teachers, and students can access this cloud-based solution from anywhere, at any time. It seamlessly integrates our most popular modalities including eye tracking, and facial expression analysis, as well as surveys, powerful analysis tools, and visualization metrics.

iMotions Online allows for a holistic view of human behavior with a quick turn-around study time, making it the perfect learning companion. With iMotions Online, students gain immediate access to the tools and data needed to explore the intricacies of behavioral research from the very beginning of their educational journey. Not only does that foster a deep understanding of data collection but also teaches students how to streamline the analytical process, thus making research more efficient and impactful from day one.

We recently field-tested iMotions Online in a university workshop with outstanding results, which you can read all about here.

Excellent Facilities = Student/Research Excellence

Students are at the heart of every educational institution. They bring vitality through their continuous engagement, and contribute to the institution’s prestige by excelling in their education and later through their careers. However, attracting the best students is no longer a straightforward task. The emerging generation of scholars is tech-savvy, driven to master cutting-edge technologies, and highly ambitious in their pursuit of knowledge.

Today’s students arrive on campus with high aspirations and equally high expectations for the quality of education, facilities, and opportunities for excellence. Universities that boast advanced technology and top-notch facilities are poised to attract the most promising students. It’s a simple equation: cutting-edge tech and empowering facilities equal success in attracting the best and brightest.

iMotions EduLabs

Moreover, failing to incorporate the latest technology into high-demand research areas can have detrimental effects on any university that lags behind. To entice the cream of the crop, universities must make it worthwhile. This is where iMotions EduLabs comes into play.

Incorporating iMotions EduLabs into their collaborative workflows enables universities to engage and support students at every stage of their educational journey. It serves as a valuable enrollment incentive, a powerful teaching tool throughout the learning process, and state-of-the-art software platforms that equip students to excel in their fields and become industry leaders. iMotions offers the flexibility to challenge and empower students at all levels, making it an indispensable asset for universities dedicated to nurturing excellence and fostering collaboration both internally and externally.

“Get them in front of iMotions as soon as possible” 

There is a widespread misconception in both industry and academia that biosensor research is inherently a difficult field to work in. This leads universities to be hesitant about making biosensor research tools universally available to their students. This misconception of difficulty becomes evident when we consider the timing of when students are usually given access to iMotions stations. Often, they are not granted this access until they are near the completion of their master’s degrees or during their PhD studies. However, waiting until this stage is, in fact, quite late in the educational process.

Research labs, which are often the sole locations where students can study biosensor research in many universities, do have their importance and purpose. However, it would be a misconception to believe that it would be beneficial to a university to have them serve as the primary hubs for teaching biosensor research. It is our firm belief that by making iMotions Online available to everyone at the start of a university degree, students will become confident in conducting their research quickly and effectively.  

Collaboration leads the way

The essence of the iMotions EduLabs initiative lies in its ability to harness advanced research technologies coupled with deep-rooted academic expertise. This amalgamation quickly becomes a beacon for businesses in search of cutting-edge research, actionable insights, and fantastic talent, thus bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Through these collaborations, institutions transcend their traditional roles, becoming indispensable resources for corporations aiming to navigate the complexities of the market with precision and foresight.

Moreover, the benefits of such partnerships extend beyond the immediate gains of funding and revenue generation. They play a critical role in preparing the next generation of professionals, equipping students with the invaluable opportunity to engage directly with industry leaders. These interactions not only enrich the educational experience but also open avenues for networking, internships, and employment, thereby enhancing the students’ readiness for the workforce.

The EduLabs umbrella model positions universities as the extended research and insights arm of corporations. This not only solidifies the academic institutions’ roles as invaluable partners but also underscores their contribution to the industry’s growth and innovation. By acting as a nexus between academic research and business strategy, EduLabs ensures that the collaborations yield tangible benefits for both parties, paving the way for a future where academia and industry coalesce to foster societal and economic advancement.

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iMotions EduLabs is a complete solution that bridges the gap between education, research, industry and community, providing tools for research, teaching and collaboration.

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